Koh Samui Vs Phuket – Facts and Tips

Thailand is known to be a fantastic place for all travelers to enjoy the beach. The country provides you with a range of fun sports venues, including solid beaches, nightlife extras, some of the world's best shopping and many fun Thailand resorts.

Koh Samui is a great choice for holidaymakers with no dancers, exciting nightlife and fun shopping. Koh Samui, located between the Gulf of Thailand's mainland and Koh Zangan, is a large island with an hour's flight to Bangkok. In Koh Samui there are also harmonious beaches, lush palms along the coast, and various amenities to suit every budget.

A little bigger than Koh Samui, Packet is Thailand's largest island, with many armchairs, party animals and sunbaths throughout the year. There is no end of entertainment in the pack, offering a variety of entertainment including crazy nightlife in Patong Beach, shopping on the street in Muay Thai, and many other fun events. Many great hotels are located in the heart of Patong Beach, within easy reach of the sea, with many canteens and shops.

That the journey between Samui and Phuket has raised questions among travelers who have to worry about climate change in both areas. The weather is quite different, but it is likely to be similar to January-April. From May to September Samui has a warmer climate than Phuket, and Phuket is much warmer than Samui from October to December. However, if you are looking for a vacation without heavy rains in June-August, Bali is just right for you when Thailand is currently raining.

Daily spending is another factor that should be taken into account by the average tourist. All commodities and commodities must arrive by boat or plane to Samui because of its geographical character, which requires greater transport, while Phuket receives it only by means of several routes directly connected to the continent, hence the necessities of life at low prices. are. area.

Flight to Phuket is more expensive than Samui, where the airport is privately owned by Bangkok Airlines, which has higher landing costs than other airports in the country. Several airlines operate Phuket, including Thailand's national carrier Thai Airways.

Both places have beautiful beaches that are covered in dusty white sand. Some people make their personal judgment that the northern tip of Zaveng Beach in Samui is the best beach in the country.

There is a big difference in costs between Phuket and Koh Samui, but it costs less. You will likely spend more money while in Phuket, which has numerous shopping malls, restaurants and nightclubs.

The entire pages of the book are about Thai food, including Samuwa cuisine on the island. Videos such as Garland Samui, such as Joong Maen Street, which have been highly acclaimed by restaurant guides and locals for its traditional Thai food that retains the original Thai flavor of hot spices burning your tongue. In addition, Soph Thai at Bophut Resort & Spa fascinates the world's highest reputation.

Never worry that you will be happy with the food served there. The island has some wild food that you can find and enjoy all over the island, including Indian cuisine, authentic Indian-style pizzas, fine sushi, and English-style breakfasts so you won't be bored with your stomach. Samui has been honored with TripAdvisor Traveler & # 39; s Choice Awards as a food and wine destination across Asia. What is surprising is that this small island of Samui has been classified in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok and Kyoto.

Both Samui and Phuket have many beautiful landscapes surrounding them. With more space and a longer history, Phuket offers more venues for entertainment and different classroom settings, and is said to be better suited to a family-oriented holiday.

However, the lack of available water has been a problem that has bothered Samui for a long time. Some travelers may not notice this shyness, but it's a really urgent problem to solve. Despite rapid development, some areas of the two islands remain calm.