Rent a car in style at Luton Airport in London

Basics of Luton Airport

Luton Airport was considered the most efficient airport in the United States, until one of its main carriers, Court Line Airlines, ceased operations in the early 1970s. Luton Airport has been successful since then, but not as well as some of its US counterparts, such as Heathrow and Gatwick. The airport is about an hour's drive from London and is still well located if your final destination is London.

Luton Airport Car Hire

Car rental companies are at the first level of the terminal access area. Avis, National, Alamo, Europcar and Hertz are all in what Luton calls its Onward Travel Center. Trainers, Easybus tickets and train tickets are also available in this area. There is free shuttle service for car rental customers. Clients from the airport will transfer from the terminal to the car rental center a short distance from the airport. Shuttles run consistently throughout the day.

To get to London from the Luton Airport Car Rental, take the East Percival Road to Holiday Inn Express within walking distance. When you get to Holiday Inn Express, take the tour and descend the hill and storeroom left at Airport / A1081, about 3km until you meet another traffic circle. You are about to travel the straight path to reach the M1. After less than 1km you will be accompanied by the M1. Travel Travel approximately 38km until you reach a section below a highway, turning right onto Kilburn A5. You will actually see the A406 for a few meters until you finally reach the A5 towards downtown London.

Departing from London to the airport, you will essentially go to the same route via the M1. Don't forget to turn left onto the Holiday Inn Express on Percival Road. Travel about 1.6 km until you reach the car rental center.

Remember that you may need to recharge. There is a gas station on the road near the car rental center. When traveling on the Percival Road near Holiday Inn Express, drive about 1km until you reach the traffic circle. Go left and look for signs. You will go left again, go down some roads and the Shell service station will be on the left. Travel Travel the way you came back to your rental center.

Hotel near Luton Airport

Leaving the airport (and car rental for that matter), you'll see the great Holiday Inn Express at the corner of Pershival Road and at the Airport Road Corner. This is easily the closest hotel to Luton Airport, and rooms can generally be booked for less than $ 140.00 a year, which is not too bad as you get a free breakfast from the deal. Free Wi-Fi is available in the living room and business center for your convenience. There is no swimming pool.

As for restaurants, we chose A One Dosa in Luton. Luton has an ethnically growing mix of space. In fact, 10-15% of Luton's population is of Asian descent, such as Pakistan and India. As a result, some of the best foods to eat near Luton Airport may be the ethnic food created as a result. One Dosa is located at 129 Dunstable Road across the street from Luton. Take Dunstable, to the north of the city, and the restaurant will be on the left side of the road, just below the bottom half.'s ratings for this little spot give a pretty strong rating so far. Stay posted.

Luton Airport amenities

There are some proper dishes before and after ignore. Before security (public places) you have options such as Yam Yam, Food Village, Costa and Caffe Nero. After safety, food options are slightly improved. Seats like Pret A Manger, Pip and Real Food Company are located just before departure.

Purchases include the basics. Tie Rack, Voyager, and Galleria are some of the names that will sell you everything you can imagine (at least the usual airport shopping experience). As Luton Airport is smaller than some of its airport partners, your overall purchasing choices will also be relatively less.

Wi-Fi is available through a provider called Spectrum. It's not free, but there are several plans to choose from, from just an hour or two to a full day plan.

Luton Airport Car Rental Options

Luton has just about every type of car you could rent at an airport rental service. You will also have options such as economy cars, standard cars, luxury cars, SUVs and compacts. We generally recommend that you book early, especially if you have a more expensive car. More expensive options are usually kept less often in many places to reduce inventory of less used, higher priced items. Also look at the GPS you are unfamiliar with in the London area. Often GPS (among other extras) can be purchased when buying your rental car. In fact, sometimes car rental companies are luring customers to speed up their rental cars with free GPS or other extras.

Another thing to keep in mind when booking is to add additional drivers to the booking process. Doing so will prove unsafe for any other driver who can drive a rental car. If you allow someone to drive that is not authorized to drive and an accident occurs, you may be in deep trouble. Do everything right and leave your car rental company in advance, even if it costs you money at the initial end.