Travel to Alaska from Vancouver? Three Secrets You Need To Know

1. arrive in Vancouver for at least one day before the cruise otplyvot. Of course, I may be a little biased, but Vancouver will be one of your most popular ports during this cruise. Therefore, I often see the cruiser that fly to Vancouver on the day when their cruise and go absolutely miss this beautiful city.
In addition, augmented levels of stress to make your ship on time, does not allow to start a vacation, if everything does not go according to plan. All you need – is one missing Fixed-wing union, mechanical difficulties, problems at the border or bad out & # 39; s and all the rest can be spoiled.
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Believe me, the ship will not wait for you in Vancouver, if you are running late, and you are responsible for ensuring that the time to get to the ship. Not only that, tides and currents, which set sail from Vancouver, make it so that the captain, in many cases, to leave time, or at risk to stay in the port for hours, until it again will not be safe to go.
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There are incredible tours and sightseeing tours in Vancouver, so if you can place a time, it is definitely worth it. It is the same in the day of your departure – why end with perfectly good cruise vacation, emphasizing not you can ship it in time to do, to make it ridiculously early flight home?
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2. Get to the ship. There are several ways to do this depending on whether you are going to ignore the tip number one and try to go straight to the ship or you’re going to go directly to your hotel. 2015 marks the first year in a long time that only Canada Place will be used for cruise departures and thank God for that! Those of you who may have gone to the “other” pier, known as the Ballantyne pier probably agree with me that, to put it mildly, disappointing the beginning of your cruise.
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Ballantyne pier is bad in the city center and away from most hotels in the city. Fortunately for you, this year will almost certainly be the place of departure of your ship. The cruise terminal is located in Canada Place, which is very close to many hotels, taxis and Canada Line; Vancouver automatic rapid transit train line. Some cruise lines offer bus transfer to the ship or a hotel, but my recommendation is – do the math first.
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A taxi from the airport to Vancouver Canada with a 15 percent tip will help you get over the Canadian 35 and $ 45 and will take about 30 minutes. Most bus transfers purchased vehicles will cost you about the same person, so that they can be most beneficial if you are traveling solo. If you do not mind to drag all your luggage and walk a few blocks, Canada Line train costs a little less than $ 10 per person and is about 30 minutes trip to the pier – not bad if you have a backpack, but with luggage, I & # 39; D recommend against it.
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Once you exit the train, you have to go to the ship, which is about ten minutes by train to the site of a train of baggage drop. My first choice would be to arrange a pick up from the company before the cruise tour or perhaps a private sedan to take you to your hotel. There are many tours and luxury rides that are available online or at the airport, and you have to organize it before you get on the plane.
A private sedan or limousine usually bypass you about $ 60-80 for a Canadian plus grata. If you arrive early, be aware that the registration most hotels between 15:00 and 16:00 but any decent hotel will try to take you out early or, at least, suggests to keep your luggage on arrival until your room is ready .
3. When is the best time to come to the ship? Well, if you like to sit, to stand in queues or waiting for immigration, go first thing in the morning. If you are like me and want to share your day while enjoying Vancouver or just falling asleep, you should think well, what time you arrive to the cruise terminal at Canada Place, to board the ship.
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The time that you need to on the ship do not get to the dock, can Var & # 39; iravatstsa from 20 minutes to 4 hours, depending on when you arrive and how many ships are in port. Keep in mind that the ship was likely to lose a few thousand visitors, who have just completed a cruise. Usually, at least it is required before 10 am in order to free the ship away from the & # 39; ezzhayuchyh guests, and another hour before they allow guests souped initiate testing.
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If your first draft port – this Canadian port, such as Victoria or Prince Rupert, you’re likely to avoid passing Immigratsyi in the United States at the marina in Canada. If your cruise is like most cruises in Alaska, and your first port is in Alaska, you’re likely to go through US immigration inspection immediately prior to the registration of ships in Canada, and so you need to have your passport handy.
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The procedure usually goes in this order; loss of baggage, security checks, American immigration processing, the registration of the cruise line, and then – the moment you’ve been waiting all this time to board the ship! Even if you are the first person on board the ship at 11 am, a large part of the ship, including the cabinets, you will be available until about 13:00 when the staff finished cleaning the ship and prepare everything for you.
This means that the first two or three hours of arrival you will be sitting or standing in a huge line, and then, when you come on board if it is 13:00, you will have to wait to submit the baggage until they are announced in the public area, that your room will be ready in the software.
My advice is – enjoy Vancouver, and a & # 39; yavitsesya later in the afternoon for registration, instead of trying to get to Canada at 9 o’clock in the morning, so you can stand in line since 2000 other guests.
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Having said that, be sure that you check from time to & # 39; Congress and do not leave it to the last minute. You have to be at the pier at least 90 minutes before adezdu no later than half an hour after the registration is closed for at least one hour before the sail.
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So there you have it, the first of many tips for this year the cruise season on Alyaskanskim cruise. Do not miss the next time I will tell you all about what to expect on the first day on board, from how to get a room upgrade, to what needs to be done on the first day of the cruise, and what can be expected until the second day. Up to now, thanks for reading and Bon Voyage!
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Smith said the cryptocurrency industry has seen more growth in the past 18 months than in previous years. Bitcoin’s publicity has doubled since the beginning of the year, and Facebook announces plans to launch a virtual asset-backed currency called Libra, in partnership with other tech and finance firms.

Top destinations: Alaska in the summer

Alaska – one of the only places in the world where you can turn left and see the mountains covered with snow, and turn right and see the ocean and the beach. This is a very interesting place to visit and relax. Alaska – it is such a great power that you could spend weeks studying the culture.

This is the place where also a lot of desert land that is fine, if you are interested in hunting or fishing. Animal life there, in Alaska, incredible. Perhaps you get out of the hotel, just to meet you moose. Wildlife roams the city and around the country easy.

If you are interested in whale watching, excellent options will also be a cruise on the Alyaskanskim cruise. Summer time – the best time to see whales. From June to September is the perfect time to see the whales, so be sure to plan your visit accordingly. There are even tours by canoe, which will allow you to get closer to the whales. Of course, there is a risk, so you will need to take note.

If you are traveling to Alaska in the winter months, be sure to send their holiday cards from the North Pole for extra added fun. This is a great place to visit all year round, but you will especially enjoy the winter months.

Keep in mind that in Alaska the temperature changes dramatically throughout the year. In addition, there are cases where the sun almost 20 hours a day or dark almost 20 hours a day. So do not experience this with shakuytsesya & # 39 ad.

Real Estate Alaska – Great Outdoors

Alaska – the largest state in the Union and tries to take it or leave an offer for resettlement. For those choosing Alaska, the real estate market with the & # 39 is a sound investment.


Known as the "great land", Alaska seems the harsh, remote wilderness, and, of course, never want to live. These assumptions and disappeared after visiting crowded Mother nature at its maximum understanding. From magnificent mountain ranges to ocean shores to glaciers to rough rivers, Alaska – the dream outdoor enthusiasts. In a state that compromises fully 20 percent of the entire mass of the United States land, almost nothing to find. On the other hand, Denali National Park – is a place that you must visit at least once in their lifetime. This will leave a mark and give you a new respect for nature.


At Anchorage lives about forty percent of the human population in Alaska as bears, moose and more seem to prefer other areas. If you are flying to Alaska, Anchorage will be your destination. Overall Ankorizh – it is a chaotic city. She got more than a fair share of criticism for what it is "non-Alyaskanski", but it is the main choice of home buyers who are looking for a big city in Alaska.


The capital of Alaska, Juneau – the best city in Alaska in my opinion. City relies rain forests, mountains and living channel. Named in honor of the first search engine, which struck gold in the area, Juneau is a collection of modern amenities with old world charm. Buy a home in Juneau and you'll wake up every morning to the most spectacular views in the world. In another way, Juneau – a place where cruise ships stop in Alaska.

Alaska Real Estate

In such a large state as Alaska, prices can be very different. Properties in small towns can cost next to nothing, but lets focus on large areas. $ 300,000 – is the average price for a residence in the family & # 39; and Ankorizhy, while for the same home in Juneau will need 450 thousand dollars. In 2005, the house in Alaska appreciated at a rate of just over 13 percent.

Alaska, the final cruise

Alaska is full of surprises. To begin, it is one of the largest rainforest in the world with 162 inches of rain a year. He's incredibly handsome, incredibly effective and incredibly wide. It seems endless desert. Wherever you look, there are panoramic views of the mountains, covered with towers, hemlock and spruce, which extend from the coastline to the clouds. Evergreen, it seems, lasts forever. In a way this hearing. Absolute size gives you hope that we have not destroyed the planet.

It was part of Brent Nixon posts. He was one of the most exciting cruise. He is a teacher naturalist who filled most days of the famous theater and delighted everyone with his unusual, full of facts and funny video and a slide show illustrated. He read some lectures on wildlife, and all this helped us to get more value from whale observations of bears, bald eagles, sea lions and seals. In this mountainous greenery affects almost unreal pastel blue Hubbard Glacier. All on board were part of an iceberg after iceberg sailed on a huge ice rocks in front of our eyes.

To some extent, all depend on the cruise excursions that you spend. In Alaska, you are almost spoiled his plan. Star tour was for us Ketchykana when we visited the Misty Fjords. Weather & # 39; e was not misty but beautifully clear. The trip was amazing, especially in the Gulf Rudyerda, deepest fjord, which is raised in the water from a height of 3000 feet. Seals and bald eagles were looking at how we are after the three-hour trip by boat boarded the float plane on the 20-minute flight back to Ketchykan.

Another memorable day was the campaign that we conducted from June to see the glacier Mendenhol. Our guide will be happy to have on the spreading of the bear. At one point, there were two sets of litter, a very crisp. One of the tourists heard nervously said: & # 39; Thus, we are again on the two bear cubs! & # 39; After a day's hiking in the cold wind and rain, despite wearing protective ponchos free, it was nice to return to the abandoned luxury Infinity and meet all the courtesy and friendliness, which is famous for its celebrity. There were, of course, and other great walks in Skagway, Vancouver and Victoria. And again we were blessed nice company at our table with two pairs of old friends and one very highly anticipated new pair.

Cruise was 100% perfect, and as for the flight at the far transport, seat World Traveller Plus based on BA were fabulous.

Alaska fishing lodge – fishing lodge

Ken River is a few minutes from fishing lodges Fishing, which is located on the Kenai Peninsula. This family-run business since 1987, offers all the amenities that you would expect from a fishing lodge. Full range of services in the Anglers Lodge includes excellent accommodation and location, and a wide variety of fishing in Alaska.

In this Alaska fishing lodge is a house for non-smoking rooms. The rooms themselves the laid phones, coffee pots (mandatory for you early risers early), private baths, daily maid service, and even a mini-fridge. Most rooms have two double beds, and if you like, there are single and triple rooms in some rooms.

You can start your day with a continental breakfast and not worry about meals, as they are available in the lodge or packed for your boating. At the end of the day, you can bring your swimming trunks and slowly plunge into the hot tub for eight people, to catch dinner in the lodge and sit around the fire camp, pamyanyayuchy fishing lies.

If you think of Alaska fishing lodge, you think about fishing and fishing lodge up to its name. Their fishing fish will go with you to some fantastic places for fishing nearby. From May to July, you can catch fish King, Chinook, Sockeye, or even the red salmon. You can even go fishing in the Pacific Halibut. August in fishing lodge will Silver and Coho Salmon. Rainbow trout can be hot in the Ken River in September, so you can think about that at this time to go fishing.

Half and full day fishing packages are available. Both full and half day fishing packages include accommodation, meals and of course, fishing anywhere from two to seven nights. Month from May to September – the most important months for fishing and Anglers in advance to make a reservation.

Location of the boat in Anglers Lodge include twenty dreyfavanyh boats, boats twenty and twenty-eight foot Marly Rae. Drift and motor boats can run up to four people and leadership, and Marly Mae filling six people, as well as the captain and the deck. First and foremost is safety rybalovskaga lodge in Alaska, as all boats are inspected and approved by the Coast Guard.

What more can a person say about Anglers Lodge? It's really a full range of services in the fish domi Alaska. The room is a pleasant, family atmosphere makes a person feel at home, and he has more fishing than you can shake a fishing rod.

North to Alaska – Rush On!

May the passion to seek and my unfailing love for the wilderness of Alaska were born on the beaches of Nome in 1993. I could not stop whistling from north to Alaska! I was fortune to spend seven weeks, packed adventure that summer is on the crew of the gold camp 15 miles west of Nome. Twice I returned to the same crew, my last expedition in 2007.

Weather & # 39; e-Nome Bering Sea prevails and can change rapidly. In the summer the average highs in the mid-50s, at least in the mid 40s. The coldest three months – December to February, when highs average around 13 degrees, and lows average slightly below freezing.

The beaches are often still covered with ice and snow pack. June offers the best combination of clear blue sky and warm temperature. As the summer is expected to progress more and more rain. Strong storms are common, and as September approached opportunities to work on the beach sands are reduced.

Nom is located on the southern coast of the peninsula Steward Norton Sound of the Bering Sea, about 540 air miles northeast of Anchorage. Many roads connecting Nome with any major city in Alaska. Now secure 4,000 live what was once one of the most densely populated cities in Alaska. Half of the population of Indians Eskimos. Founded in 1901, located in the region Nom Native Corporation Beryngavskaga Strait. Corporation Sitnasuak Village has its land holdings in and around Nome.

There's no place like Nome in

If the search engines in 1899 performed the lyrical directions Johnny Horton to gold in the movie "North to Alaska", they would have been in the cold, salty waters of the Bering. In the song, Horton has a golden banana under that old white mountain, a little to the south-east of Nome. This could place a mountain in the ocean. But the story that there is gold in the water.

History shows that most of the gold Noma today was collected from the beaches of Nome, instead of streams and rivers. Thousands of gold seekers trampled over that golden treasure in their search into the country, never realizing that they grind under their boots elusive mineral, which they so ardently sought.

Much of the credit for the gold rush Noma belongs to the triad Bryntesana John, Eric Lindberg Lindblama and Japheth, who became notorious as the "three happy Swedes", although Lindbergh was actually from Norway.

In the summer of 1898, John was a member of the intelligence Bryntesan Party of the Council of the city, which is considered the peninsula Steward. Violates the outside & # 39; e caused their ship to seek refuge in the mouth of the Snake River that is 13 miles west of Cape Nome. Men waiting for long as the storms decreased spending drainage within a radius of four or five miles from the ship. They found some gold color in the pan, but not enough to excite them. The George. Brantesana, however, he had faith, and he was partnered with two other Scandinavians, Lindblom and Lindbergh. Men continued to explore, and they eventually went to the Anvil Creek, where they found an impressive number of coarse gold. After replenishing meager supplies to Golovin, small trading center 100 miles to the east, they immediately returned to the Anvil Creek, forming a mining district of Cape Nome, and between the three of them were 43 claims. By proxy, they also immediately filed 47 additional claims to lawyers, relatives and friends.

If word of this was made, as usual, feverish migration of searchers descend on the area of ​​Nome, not knowing that happy Swedes still have to find something close to the gold strike. The chaos and confusion that have emerged, linked to the rampant jump suits, cross-claims, lawyers, trial and multiple lawsuits, directed by proxy for people who, in most cases, probably not even existed. Stamps to Nome thousands of search engines of the world have led to disappointment and frustration for the majority and death for many.

Legality of the decision of litigation and claim boundaries prevented US District Judge Arthur H. Noyes, who later turned out to be a rough con man who took part in the scheme, the use of the law to obtain the richest gold claims.

In this treeless land lawlessness reigned, when gangs roamed the streets, sparking fires and looters to plunder. To maintain order were summoned troops from Fort St. Louis by Michael Norton Sound.

In those first weeks of the gold rush, the three happy Swedes probably feel anything but happiness. The blame for the whole fiasco started to solve on their shoulders. Rumors spread like wildfire, happy Swedes have already applied to all productive perspectives. In fact, little gold still has not been found. Swedes & # 39; supply were particularly incite anger against some other search engines, since federal law prohibits foreigners file claims if they can not show true intention to become citizens, the Scandinavians had.

Finally, at a meeting of miners, which have inflamed passions and forever change the fate, Cape Nome mining district was invalid, illegal enterprise, and their demands were canceled.

The decision itself was illegal. Miners may have taken the law into their own hands, if not a few soldiers intervened in tuxedos and forcibly disbanded their fixed bayonets.

It was a lucky break for the Swedes. They got another break. A few days later they were literally forgotten, when one of the soldiers who are stationed in Nome, went to pull water from the mouth of the Snake River and found gold in beach sand. The opening of the scale was almost impossible to believe. Within days, gold was stretched along the water line of more than 40 miles both east and west from Nome. At this time, the peak was indeed.

At the end of the season settled the winter, and the coast was filled up by a glacier, but gold seekers started down the tent camp in the spring of 1899. Golden tide pushed constantly, nyabytnae settlement pretty town with a population of more than 40 000 people. According to the US 1900 Census, one-third of all white, registered in Alaska, lived in Nome. During peak Nomskaga gold, hundreds of tents stretched along twenty miles from the beach to the west of the city.

Nome was a decent strike. Only the summer of 1899, the 2000 miners, both men and women, working with sand in order to get the gold from the gravel gravel in excess of two million dollars, before freezing.

Treasure hunt in Alaska – I found 3 sand dollar in Sitka, Alaska

Two by two, twelve of us ran down the ramp catamaran on the sandy beach of the island. Our guide on the catamaran smoothly declared: "If you see a bear, simply inflate the whistle and lock arms with others to form a long line." Words blurred in my mind. I remember thinking, "How would we hit the whistle when we saw a bear?"

Laughed loudly, her husband declared: "When my wife to see a bear, it would not need to suppress whistle catamaran captain easily hear her scream.".

Our guide also announced to wait patiently on the edge of the island to the catamaran back to our departure. Once again, my husband declared: "When my wife to see a bear on the island, she will walk on water to get back to the boat." Other adventurers smiled when we started our "afternoon excursion into the wild."

Thinking today about the information that describes the trip to the island, I'm sure that I flew over the word "wildlife" and patentsyynasts our lives to this day is in danger.

The rest went for a walk around the island in the woods. My husband and I went another route. We went to the beach on the tiny island, basking in the sunny, warm day in Alaska. "It makes no sense to apply self-harm, if any, can be avoided," – I said to myself silently.

When we went, my husband and I found one, two, and then three perfect sand dollars on the unspoiled island in Alaska. Never before have I found a perfect sand dollar on any beach that I have visited, and there we were on an island in Alaska, in which three three perfect sand dollar.

I wrapped sand dollars in the wipes and gently put them in the pocket of his jeans. I said to my husband, "I'd better take good care of them, because no one would believe that we have found three sand dollars in Alaska." I knew it was a "once in a lifetime."

When the group returned to the catamaran for our board of & # 39; Congress, one of the adventurers asked us: "What did you do?" Did I mention that we have found the stumps and three sand dollars during our walk. Their eyes widened, and they asked, "Where did you find sand dollars?" I had heard their question, but still delighted with what we found. I carefully kept in the hands of sand dollars.

These sand dollars to me now more than when we found them three years ago. Our adventure, transformed treasure hunt – is just one of many unusual miracles that my husband and I have experienced; miracles of love, who gave us the creator of the universe.

Recently, I found an article in the magazine Reader & # 39; s Digest about how "How the new science of gratitude" can change your life. In this article, Barbara Fredriksson, a psychologist at the University of North Carolina, says: "Gratitude has the potential to change everything from the normal state to the present."

Or are you today expressed gratitude for the unexpected gift of love, something that money can not buy?

© Angela Scott

December 28, 2007

Celebrity Cruises Alaska!

Cruises of Alaska can be a life experience. Improve this wonderful experience Celebrity Cruises Alaska.

Celebrities raise the cruiser to the next level, and cruises to Alaska are no different. Atsenvayuchysya consistently at the highest point in the service of experts such as Conde & Nast Traveller, should be given the most demanding cruise passengers a comfortable feeling with respect to cruise with Celebrity.

Add to this a fantastic route in Alaska, and you have a winning combination. The beauty of the land coincided with the beauty on board. The celebrity impeccable service, one staff member for every two passengers Cruise. Fine wines that patsyagvayutstsa deck celebrity celebrities while watching alyaskinskaga calving glacier – an experience you will not soon forget!

In 2005, Celebrity will operate three ships during the cruise season for Alaska. These magnificent ships offer exceptional amenities.

Celebrity Cruise Lines & # 39; Mercury – the newest class of ships "Century". Visually attractive amenities and world-class services make Alaskan cruise aboard this celebrity special treat!

Celebrity Infinity will sail on cruises of Alaska this year. Try a world-class food, or a theatrical production on Broadway proportions. Celebrity Cruise lines have done an excellent decor job at infinity. Try a cruise on the Alaska surrounded by warm woods, polished marble and etched glass.

The third in this year's Celebrity ship plying in Alaska, with a & # 39 summit. Cruises to Alaska aboard the Summit will have a cruise, passengers feel that reached the top cruise with a celebrity!

Routes differ somewhat on cruises in Alaska, but rest assured that no matter what route you choose, the experience will be unforgettable. Wonderful scenery, majestic glaciers, pristine waterfalls and plenty of wildlife cause delight, and a celebrity brings it all to you.

Celebrity Cruises Alaska has six ports of departure and cities. Including Mexico Ensenada, San Francisco and Los Angeles in California, Seattle, Washington Seward, Alaska and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Coming from one of the ports on Alyaskanskim Celebrity Cruises will take you from the noisy bustle of everyday life to a lovely relaxed atmosphere where the staff seems to be anticipating your every wish. Be kind, you absolutely deserve to be! Cruise Alaska with Celebrity make you feel "special"!

For more information on Alaska cruises and cruise line Celebrity look at some of our other informative articles on a1-discount-cruises.com/articles site. To find the best cruise deals in the network, view the sellers links to the main pages a1-discount-cruises.com. Compare the values ​​to find a suitable route, the ship and the hall. Then all you need to do – is to book your cruise online and cheering mode!

Alaskan seafood – the best choice for healthy, tasty fish

It can be confusing to obtain two-way communication on the use of fish, but be very careful what kind of eating. Although the sort which types of seafood to eat to risk and that in order, some people may just want to throw the towel and did not deal with the whole situation. Although this may seem unpleasant to choose the right fish is quite simple, and the potential health benefits far exceed any risk or extra effort that a person can make in order to find the fish. Choosing the right seafood is actually easier from the Alaska seafood, the positive difference is quite obvious, because the risk of contamination is small and all the benefits are.

High levels of mercury in fish is a problem – it is a particular problem, which should be experienced people, especially women who are pregnant or during childhood. Absorption of large amounts of mercury can have serious & # 39; ozna negative impact on the nervous system of the child, as well as all development of the brain. Older and larger predatory fish – those that have the highest levels of mercury in the meat, so people should avoid eating fish such as shark, swordfish and mackerel. Department of Environmental Protection of Alaska has a fish monitoring program that checks thousands of fish and considered the level of mercury twenty-three species of fish from Alaska. The seafood in Alaska positive difference lies in the fact that all fish tested this program, I had a little mercury in their bodies.

Wild Alaskan Salmon has some of the lower levels of mercury, but it has the required omega-3 fatty acids, low-fat protein, iron, zinc and vitamins A, C and D, which are so useful for the organism. Seafood in Alaska, which were tested as part of the monitoring program of fish, also showed a very low level to nyaisnuyuchyh organic pollutants. When choosing seafood in Alaska positive difference lies in the fact that a person can choose from a wide range of fish, without worrying at the same time, they will absorb dangerous amounts of pollutants. Clean environment the coast of Alaska means that the fish, which takes its water, has all the good substances needed by the body without the potentially harmful pollutants contained in seafood from other parts of the world.

Tourists Alaska say "yes" to the ownership of vacation and timeshare in Las Vegas

For those of you who like to know what happens in Las Vegas, recently came to Alaska quite a few visitors. Alaska Air makes a great marketing and flights bring us tourists. We feel a great interest of visitors of Alaska in Las Vegas to the idea of ​​returning to Las Vegas and to the acquisition of product concepts for the property on vacation or time end.

Summer for those who live in Anchorage and the surrounding area, filled with natural light and the temperature is perfect for the exit. Nevertheless, it seems to be a time when Alaska make holidays and acquire ownership of vacation and time-time. We had quite a lot of discussion about the trip, using the flexibility of ownership of vacation products and the temporary use in places such as Mexico, and Hawaii.

Flights from Anchorage to Las Vegas took more than 7 hours, even without stops. Guests Alaska have expressed interest in the knowledge that they can spend great holidays, if they can use the time off work and want great customer service for their travel requirements. We were very impressed by the hard work and dedication, which they express in the workplace and in their communities throughout Alaska. Many of the buyers worked in public office or in the service sector.

I like to meet with a lot of great people from Alaska and spend time with the purchase of them, to go on the show and contribute to the economy.

Alaska, your fishing vacation of a lifetime

Good fishing is easy to find in Alaska. In fact, in 3000 the land of rivers, lakes and more than a million approx. 7000 miles of shoreline fisherman biggest problem may be the issue, where to start. From the point of view of the huge quantities of fisheries resources in Alaska you might rybavats million square hectares Alyaskavyh streams, lakes and coastline every day for years and never catch the same thing twice. Think of it as a dilemma of old fishermen – as much water as many fish, so little time, but on a scale that puts something in the lower 48 states. Here is a list of the most popular:

King / Chinook Salmon

Alaskan river world famous manufacturing giant salmon. The world record was made on the River Ken in May 1985 and weighed 97 pounds. 4 oz. Every season, millions of kings weigh 30 to 50 pounds or more, members of the Alaska River. Their strength is legendary, and those who got into a fight with these giants have memories that will last a lifetime. Fishing Alaska King Salmon is usually best from mid-May to July. Popular methods for kings include bounce back, back trolling and drifting with the boat, although they also can be taken from the river shore in many places. Trolling for the Sea Kings can be productive throughout the year in different parts of the state.

Red / Hockey salmon

These silver bullets on average 6-12 pounds. and pound for pound pack as much as anything that swims in freshwater. Red salmon begins to kill Ken and many other tens of millions of the river in mid-June and runs usually end in mid-August, although in some places they are up to the end of September is still coming in good numbers. Since red is usually run closer to the coast, most of the fishing is done from the shore. The techniques include throwing flies Koho using flies or spinning in a style popularized in the Ken River. Although they are known to affect the Spinners and even prynazhvayuts rare, the use of flies will be your best option. Inclusion in your first explosive penny bright red salmon will be a memory you will never forget

Silver / Coho Salmon

Many anglers believe that Silvers most cheerful of all salmon. Silvers is known for its acrobatics and stretches of combustion. Silver Silver on average 6-14 lbs., And occasionally more than 20 pounds. Runs begin in mid / late July and ends in October, depending on the area. Fishing for silver fish is extremely popular in both fresh and sea water with a lot of the Silver Salmon Derby, which involved local communities. In mid-August at the world famous Derby Seward Silver Salmon There are six fish that are non-stop and are held in the majestic Resurrection bay. Silver salmon in Alaska's rivers as a & # 39 is the perfect sport on the fly with the & # 39; is the only Pacific salmon, which regularly gets into the water flies. Silvers also very fond Vibrax Spinners, spoons Pixie and salmon eggs.

rainbow trout

A trip to Alaska is not complete without the addition of trophy rainbow trout on the wish list. Despite the fact that some areas of some rivers occupy only on fishing flies, fishing rainbow allowed in many other parts of the other conventional fishing methods, including the use of baits and / or accessories. Some of the best trophy rainbow fishing lodges are located in Southwest Alaska near Bristol Bay. However trophy rainbow and you can get into the river available for road Mat-Su Valley and the Kenai Peninsula. you get the best success by booking a lodge or a professional guide for trophy rainbows in the range of 5 to 20 pounds.

Pacific halibut

Almost all the water in the salt Alaska is home to one of the finest fishing halibut, available anywhere in the world. The permanent limit the catch of halibut weighing 15 to 50 pounds. with & # 39 are the norm, with halibut from 100 to 300 pounds. lands on a daily basis. Trips around Halibut can be derived from most cities in Southeast Alaska, Kodyaka and cities Ninilchyk, Homer and Seward on the Kenai Peninsula, every place which has its own unique advantages in location, location, size of boat, trip duration, time on the road and scenery. Combined trip to King / silver salmon and halibut are very popular. Best Halibut fishing – from May to September. Solana halibut, which has the best success in the May / June for kings and July / August for Silvers. Bonus catch may include grasshopper and lace.

Will you make this year, when you check the hunting of Alaska from its list of buckets?