Rent a car in style at Luton Airport in London

Basics of Luton Airport

Luton Airport was considered the most efficient airport in the United States, until one of its main carriers, Court Line Airlines, ceased operations in the early 1970s. Luton Airport has been successful since then, but not as well as some of its US counterparts, such as Heathrow and Gatwick. The airport is about an hour's drive from London and is still well located if your final destination is London.

Luton Airport Car Hire

Car rental companies are at the first level of the terminal access area. Avis, National, Alamo, Europcar and Hertz are all in what Luton calls its Onward Travel Center. Trainers, Easybus tickets and train tickets are also available in this area. There is free shuttle service for car rental customers. Clients from the airport will transfer from the terminal to the car rental center a short distance from the airport. Shuttles run consistently throughout the day.

To get to London from the Luton Airport Car Rental, take the East Percival Road to Holiday Inn Express within walking distance. When you get to Holiday Inn Express, take the tour and descend the hill and storeroom left at Airport / A1081, about 3km until you meet another traffic circle. You are about to travel the straight path to reach the M1. After less than 1km you will be accompanied by the M1. Travel Travel approximately 38km until you reach a section below a highway, turning right onto Kilburn A5. You will actually see the A406 for a few meters until you finally reach the A5 towards downtown London.

Departing from London to the airport, you will essentially go to the same route via the M1. Don't forget to turn left onto the Holiday Inn Express on Percival Road. Travel about 1.6 km until you reach the car rental center.

Remember that you may need to recharge. There is a gas station on the road near the car rental center. When traveling on the Percival Road near Holiday Inn Express, drive about 1km until you reach the traffic circle. Go left and look for signs. You will go left again, go down some roads and the Shell service station will be on the left. Travel Travel the way you came back to your rental center.

Hotel near Luton Airport

Leaving the airport (and car rental for that matter), you'll see the great Holiday Inn Express at the corner of Pershival Road and at the Airport Road Corner. This is easily the closest hotel to Luton Airport, and rooms can generally be booked for less than $ 140.00 a year, which is not too bad as you get a free breakfast from the deal. Free Wi-Fi is available in the living room and business center for your convenience. There is no swimming pool.

As for restaurants, we chose A One Dosa in Luton. Luton has an ethnically growing mix of space. In fact, 10-15% of Luton's population is of Asian descent, such as Pakistan and India. As a result, some of the best foods to eat near Luton Airport may be the ethnic food created as a result. One Dosa is located at 129 Dunstable Road across the street from Luton. Take Dunstable, to the north of the city, and the restaurant will be on the left side of the road, just below the bottom half.'s ratings for this little spot give a pretty strong rating so far. Stay posted.

Luton Airport amenities

There are some proper dishes before and after ignore. Before security (public places) you have options such as Yam Yam, Food Village, Costa and Caffe Nero. After safety, food options are slightly improved. Seats like Pret A Manger, Pip and Real Food Company are located just before departure.

Purchases include the basics. Tie Rack, Voyager, and Galleria are some of the names that will sell you everything you can imagine (at least the usual airport shopping experience). As Luton Airport is smaller than some of its airport partners, your overall purchasing choices will also be relatively less.

Wi-Fi is available through a provider called Spectrum. It's not free, but there are several plans to choose from, from just an hour or two to a full day plan.

Luton Airport Car Rental Options

Luton has just about every type of car you could rent at an airport rental service. You will also have options such as economy cars, standard cars, luxury cars, SUVs and compacts. We generally recommend that you book early, especially if you have a more expensive car. More expensive options are usually kept less often in many places to reduce inventory of less used, higher priced items. Also look at the GPS you are unfamiliar with in the London area. Often GPS (among other extras) can be purchased when buying your rental car. In fact, sometimes car rental companies are luring customers to speed up their rental cars with free GPS or other extras.

Another thing to keep in mind when booking is to add additional drivers to the booking process. Doing so will prove unsafe for any other driver who can drive a rental car. If you allow someone to drive that is not authorized to drive and an accident occurs, you may be in deep trouble. Do everything right and leave your car rental company in advance, even if it costs you money at the initial end.


8 ways to be a tourist without leaving a hotel room

It's one of the worst-case travel scenarios that you never plan on. Select a destination, research the best deals for flights, spend months planning your itinerary so that you only get sick when you arrive. Don't worry, your trip is not a total bust. Here are 8 ways to feel like a foreign country without even leaving your hotel room.

1. Look at the window. It sounds very simple but true. You are well aware of how the city operates, watching locals live their daily lives. Look at how people move. Do they ride, ride, drive or use public transport? Look at where and when they eat, how they dress, how they interact, and confirm how it differs from the life you returned home. Besides, buses are always fun … and there's no need to touch your room. Of course, you will also be interested in the weather. If it is cold and wet, in any case you are the best.

2. Read about it. Even if you can't read the language of the local newspaper, scroll down and view the pictures. you will probably see places you never knew about. Check out magazines that give you an idea of ​​your destination. Read pamphlets promoting local events and museums. Often these brochures will provide information on popular sights and many pictures. If all else fails, read your totally rude and boring guide that will inevitably put you to sleep. But if you are sick, you will need a trimmer.

3. Watch TV. You should always check local news to see if there are any breaking stories you need to know. In addition, the news will show you around the city, especially human interest stories and local events. Watch favorite sports events or check out culture and entertainment programs to find out what locals are interested in. You just know that in many foreign countries nudity and naughty language are allowed. It's like a pay cable, with no extra costs. Account:

4. Order local food. The hotel staff will have many suggestions for great local restaurants serving national or favorite cuisine. Just call the concierge and ask if they can order you the food that locals eat. You may want to skip room service as the food is usually very expensive and not reliable.

5. Contact the Tourism Office. Even small towns have tourist centers with English-speaking staff. Ask them about events happening all over the city, or force them to send reading materials to your hotel room. Tourism centers will have a lot of information explaining their customs and detailing cultural events, exhibitions and celebrations.

6. Meet the locals. Yes, you can do it without ever leaving your hotel room. Use an instant messaging service that lets you search for people by city who are currently online. Go to MySpace or Facebook, search for groups about the place you visit, and send messages to some people. You can even go to Skype and chat or text face-to-face with locals through the Webcam. Many locals will want to talk to you about boasting about their country and learning English.

7. Read reviews online. Here's another thing you can do online: visit sites like TripAdvisor or VirtualTourist and read about other people's experiences. Just live with other travelers by reading their experience stories designed to visit the places you plan to visit. Moreover, check out the travel blogs. Bloggers describe their travels like a magazine in detail, and understand that you can't get the guide. Just search the "travel blog" or "blog list" in the search engine and you'll find thousands of blogs with articles about your destination.

8. Raise the mini bar. Hotels usually pack a mini-bar with snacks and drinks available locally. Every country specializes in some type of food or drink, and the likelihood is that it's already in your room, everything from soda to snacks. Of course, it may not be very good for your abdomen, but it is worth it.

Obviously, being stuck in your hotel room is not an ideal way to travel. But sometimes it is better to sacrifice a day or two for sightseeing to fully recover so that you can actually enjoy the rest of your trip. In addition, no one should know that you have never left your room.


The importance of social proof for the hospitality industry

In today's world there are 7 billion plus individuals. Every day more and more of them appear in the digital network, the most popular network that seems to be the Internet. The rise of smartphone penetration, internet access and technology in general just shows that yes, people are social animals, and as such we like to share our experiences with one another.

Long ago marketers realized that word of mouth was one of the best ways to get news about their products and services there. It is true both in this era and in the era, but it has evolved to keep technology advances. One term that you may have heard about banditry very often is "social proof", and that is new, in the digital avatar, nothing more than a word of mouth.

For example, we were all "persuaded" to try a new restaurant or vacation spot after we saw our friends posting photos of their lunch and travel adventures on social media. By the same token, we were also deprived of our hotel stay because we noticed an unpleasant hint left by some dissatisfied customers online. My friends, this is the 21st century word of mouth operation.

What is social proof?

People exist in this deep-rooted instinct that must extend to other people and their work. The consumer Internet has regularly shown that people obviously trust other people's reviews and reactions when it comes to brands and their services.

Social proof is everywhere. When shopping on Amazon, you tend to check product reviews. If enough people in your office recommend eating together, you will have to check it sooner or later. Positive hints succeeded in gathering the crowd for the most hopeless of the films, while the lack of hints made the movie star to oblivion.

To put it simply, if it is enough because people love it, the product or service must be good

Social proof is now a valued dynamic used by entire markets and companies to influence consumers. Companies have had to display hints, testimonials, ratings, approval stamps, expert opinions, "popular stuff" and not on their site. And why? Because we will all fall into what others have to say about a certain business rather than trust the brand itself.

Social evidences are especially influenced by the hospitality industry. Most people rely on the reviews and opinions of customers they meet on social media. More and more people are turning to Trip Advisor and similar sites to read what other customers are saying about a particular hotel. And only if the overall perception and reaction is positive, in fact, they go ahead and order a room at the hotel.

Types of social proof

On the face of it, social proof can be a comprehensive phenomenon that coincides with a number of sectors and industries, but from a marketing standpoint it can be classified into 5 specific categories.

1. Expert social proof

People trust prestigious institutions and prestigious individuals. Before believing a claim claim, we must establish trust, and expert social proof suggests just that. You find the words "expert opinion" in the articles that give tips and instructions as a way to legalize it. Advertisements for toothpaste and toothbrushes are "reinforced" by leading dentists, while beauty creams usually have a dermatologist. And once a restaurant or a hotel is left out of the limelight by a well-known critic, you can be pretty sure people are going to get hundreds of people to it.

2. Famous social proof

The name says it all. Famous people influence the population, and they come with their seal of legitimacy. If a popular hotel establishes, the chances of staying in that top ten are overwhelming. So to speak, the most valid and sincere popular social proof is unpaid.

3. Social proof of the user

User social proof is found in any type of user-generated content that reflects their experience. This includes success stories, pictures on social media, testimonials and views on websites. User social proof is one of the most effective ways to increase hotel credibility. One of the most notable examples is Tripadvisor, where millions of users arrive every month to see and write reviews and suggestions.

4. The wisdom of the crowd

"One million people can't go wrong," he says, with most of the market following it. And they use countless numbers to exchange for future consumers. It can be subtle, or obvious, depending on who does the marketing. Take, for example, leading bloggers who display hits and other issues on their blog to confirm their credentials.

5. The wisdom of my friend

The consumer will always rely more on the personal experience of a friend than the words of a stranger. In addition, statistics show that many clients rely heavily on suggestions from friends and family. This social proof has the potential to grow viral.

On the face of it, you might think that you have a wide playing field when it comes to gathering social proof for your business. However, what works for one industry may not meet your requirements. Therefore, you need to find the perfect node for different types of social proof to find out which ones are best for your brand.

Why do you need social proof?

Building and validating social proof in the hospitality business is essential to attracting attention and therefore attracting new customers. There is more than one reason why significant efforts should be made to spread the word of mouth. Here are the main reasons why budgeting and marketing are key to building social proof in your hotel.

  • With a real feedback loop (most of which I hope will be positive), you will be able to build trust among your customers.

  • Social proof increases your credibility as an institution and can help transform a trusted customer into you.

  • Online reviews, ratings and testimonials are the best way to advertise for your hotel and can compete with the funniest and most expensive marketing campaign you can think of.

Social Evidence Collection Strategy

As I mentioned before, there are various ways you can gather social proof, the most common being to ask customers to leave feedback and feedback to get signals to talk about you, offering a fun stay and offering to encourage interaction. ) on your social media page. These should be integral to your online marketing and branding campaign. But I would like to discuss some other methods of gathering social proof of your hotel:


There was a reason Facebook's traffic was gaining momentum when it started supporting GIFs and videos. Visual media can affect people and may have minimal viral impetus. Suggestions for your hotel, sights in the city, local attractions, and a culinary video for guests are thrilled. And if it's well-crafted, like its creativity, you can expect that it will never invite customers to your door.


They say the picture speaks a thousand words. Extensive research proves that postings with images are 35% more likely to get engaged as opposed to fair texts. Research also shows that people are likely to believe statements based on images. So the next time you want to share customer feedback and testimonials, make sure you attach an image to create more hassle.


People are visual creatures, and infographics are the best option you have when you want to present interesting data without boring your audience with bits of text and long paragraphs. Don't forget to include them in your marketing campaign.

Final words:

Gathering social proof is not that difficult, but any strategy is as powerful as its implementation. When using videos, pictures, and infographics to convince travelers that your hotel is a great option, call them CTA to follow. Direct them to your site or landing page and in no uncertain terms tell them what they are required to do.

Leave nothing to guess. If you would like them to leave the review, explain it. If you want them to throw up rooms and get a discount, find out. The moment of leaving ambiguous things is the moment they are most likely to be confused and to leave. Don't let your hard work fail. If you have developed a marketing plan for gathering social evidence with great care, don't let the vague call of action destroy your stuff.

Now switch to the power of social proof and use it to your advantage. Get to talk about your past and present customers and use their goodwill to drive more visitors to your site.


Rays of spotted eagle born in dominance. People under 10 seem to have ever been brought up and taken prisoner

It is truly an occasion to celebrate when endangered or threatened species that are cared for by animal care professionals give birth to captivity. It not only gives visitors to these establishments the opportunity to see a beautiful creature in their youth, it also helps the species grow.

January trips to Ripley & # 39; s Smokies of the Smokies of the Gatlinburg, Tenn., Feature a rare sighting of two young men spotted with eagle bears swimming in hundreds of Indian-Pacific lion fish, At Coral Reef: Healthy sisters, born in September 2008, think there are fewer than 10 people who have been held captive or born anywhere in the world.

At birth, each weighed less than three pounds and was less than 16 centimeters. Adult spotted eagle beams (Aetobatis narinari) can grow up to 10 feet wide and weigh up to 500 pounds. Although they are viewed as one of the most amazing beams to watch, they are not as common as other types of beams found in public aquariums. In fact, only 15 aquariums in the world show creatures.

The two male pups were the first litter born to one of two females, Ray Bey, at the aquarium on August 2008. On September 27. After their birth, the pups were immediately transported from the exhibition to the marine science aquarium and kept in the aquarium. caring for marine biologists, making sure they stay healthy and eat well. The rats have been trained to eat from different hands to ensure that they are eating enough and ready for their new environment where they have to compete with hundreds of Indigenous fishermen for food.

The young people got acquainted with their new environment, the Coral Reef Exhibition, on December 9 and quickly became known by aquarium guests. Visitors register to watch as they interact with different people as they feed several times a day.

"While other types of beams and small sharks, as well as spotted eagles, are regularly reproduced, this is quite a sign for us," said Frank Bullman, director of Ripley's Aquarium on Smoking. He notes that eagle rays found at the Ray Bay Exhibition were part of an ongoing research program that includes monthly ultrasound examinations to observe their pregnancies. "They may have been pregnant before, but we were never aware of it. Once we found out that they were by sonography, we were able to pay them attention and take special care of them. Usually monthly sonograms are now being moved to monitor any subsequent pregnancies. ”

Widely considered one of the most beautiful rays, the ray of spotted eagles is found in tropical and temperate temperate waters around the world. It is listed as a "near threat" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), a global union of states, government agencies and non-governmental organizations, in a partnership that assesses species conservation status. The nearest threat means that the species is close to qualifying or likely to be qualified in the near future.

The beam of an adult spotted eagle has a brightly patterned pattern at the top that can be easily seen against its dark body. The bottom of it is white. The apex has long, smooth, and somewhat rounded snout, thick head, sharp angles and a number of flat, V-shaped teeth. Each has a long whip-like tail, with a long poisonous spine near the base, behind the small dorsal fin.

Rays of spotted eagles are usually observed around seas and corals and spend most of their time swimming in schools while in open, warm waters. Unfortunately, these little ones are going to get into public life without a name. It seems that professional craftsmanship is not included in that name. When asked their names,

Bullman simply stated, “We don't usually mention our pets. Their connection numbers are GB-AN-08-01-M and GB-AN-08-02-M. "

So say hello my favorite, GB-AN-08-01-M, when you visit.


Local search engine optimization tips

To get better results from Google, Yahoo, and Bing, search engine marketing requires a new local search engine optimization feature. Search engine optimization services have become a priority over Google's local search engine optimization, making it one of the many previous pages on the site. This feature of local marketing means that search engine marketing can be achieved through better local search engine optimization, which allows lower-ranked sites to see results on many pages. Google local search engine marketing is prioritized by sites that use local optimization and URL optimization. If your business is closer to Google Maps, it may mean a higher rating for your site. Social Media Marketing, Directory, Review Results. Below is a sample of local search indexing, local social media websites.

  1. Elp:
  2. City Search:
  3. InsiderPages:
  4. YahooLocal:
  5. Dealer:
  6. JudysBook:
  7. TripAdvisor:
  8. Edmunds
  10. OpenTable:


  1. UrbanSpoon:
  2. Demand:
  3. Kudzu
  4. Yellowbot:
  5. CityVoter:
  6. DexKnows:
  7. SuperPages:
  8. Options:
  9. LilaGuide:

Search engine marketing is based on the structure of a link or links from external sources. Local search engine marketing now relies heavily on local social media links to rank websites and local social media. Social media marketing can use local marketing through Facebook sites, Google sites, Google maps and local tweets from the Twitter page. What is the best SEO strategy? Search engine optimization and page keywords were former strategies, and until recently many backs were in the focus of search engine optimization services, now the site says that "cosmetic surgeon marketing company" or "SEO lawyer" can achieve a small amount of backlinks per page. Google sites look at local sites like ypp, yahoo local and local listings, Google maps and social media marketing sites as a key link in local business. Plastic surgery, lawyers, lawyers, law firms, all are viable business services that will benefit from local SEO.

Local search engine optimization is still the best way for the site to be optimized for the keywords local search engine marketing needs. SEO services will offer local listings as part of their services, but many provide only the most obvious map, yahoo optimization. Social media marketing coupled with local search engine optimization has achieved the equation of seducing many SEO strategies. Search Engine Marketing or SEM is also a candidate for local search engine marketing strategy. Search engine marketing can lead to dominant generation professional services, say a lawyer or doctor, a plastic surgeon. These services require local SEO to allow the potential customer to come to the website and then switch to real services. How is this done? Branding a customer sale is a symbiotic strategy that involves service knowledge, reliability and pricing structure to entice the customer to the best possible service.

If your services provide the best possible scenario for the customer, the sale can be made. What could be a simple search engine for a potential customer by saying "the best SEO company" and finding them on Google Maps, then viewing SEO firms' reviews on yelp or YouTube video tutorials means that the last customer stop can be real website: however, they are already keenly interested in the rotation of SEO experience, results and pricing. Local Search Engine Optimization is probably the most effective local search engine optimization. Competing with huge budget SEO was a serious challenge just a few months ago. Also, SEO outsourcing has changed to the extent that search engines can see local IPs and obviously no US or US IPs. What does this mean for SEO? This means that overseas SEO services cannot use local search marketing, as before, it also means that the social media used by outsourced SEO cannot be mitigated by local indexing like the US. based IP can:

SEO in many larger cities can be tailored in conjunction with local search engine optimization for social media marketing, video marketing, multimedia optimization, not only driving pages higher, but also converting and selling to a real internet customer. Search engine optimization companies that do not supply video production, local search engine optimization and social media marketing services risk losing their customers in the cold with local and brand awareness. Video marketing Facebook marketing and real-time Twitter updates all contribute to building user confidence and awareness. Video production and information marketing strategies are the foundation for building reputation in your field. Clients want to know who they are dealing with in matters of legal and medical services. The video can bring real confidence and brand awareness to customers in the "keep track" or "move forward" choices, as if providing such advice without a hitch.

If a prospective customer sees your face, they love what they hear the next contact will be strong. If a prospective client has decided that they just don't like your face or behavior, it will be a waste of time to consult anyway. SEO services are available worldwide for the search for "best SEO companies", but given the practicality, face-to-face customer confidence and testimonials, as well as almost any services for price structure, we are the best choice for local search marketing, local optimization , social media marketing and SEO


Ement Moment Consumer Relations. Need for time in hospitality

All the industries in the world are undergoing a lot of changes, and the hospitality industry is not immune to it. Ongoing technology innovation plays a big role, as it enables consumers to access information about any service or facility within minutes. Then there are social media, which not only penetrates every industry, but also has the power to change trends and shape the future.

So it's not surprising that consumer expectations have also grown. Gone are the days when advertising was by value. No longer do we need to resort to dating practices designed solely for guides, queries, or hits. Today, the focus is on consumer retention and building loyalty.

The hospitality industry, in particular, is promoting this approach. After all, isn't everything customer service here? Prestigious phenomena depend on popular perception, goodwill and word of mouth. The hotel experience can be indirectly weakened if it is mistaken even for its small details that are not accepted by guests who are not inclined to use social media to voice their grief.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) depends on the belief that building a stable, sustainable user base is much more valuable to a business than engaging in false marketing practice. It also takes into account three main things in a more comprehensive way: People, Processes and Technology. As the industry thrives on segmentation and uniqueness, the hotel's "personality" can be as different as their consumer relationships allow it to be.

This becomes even more relevant when you consider the fierce competition in the hospitality industry. Unless you put customer relationships at the center of all your planning and strategy, your audience will appear on a list that doesn't fit your brand. Then there are other factors, such as rising customer acquisition costs, rising customer expectations, price-sensitive travelers, more complex customers, uncertain market and declining brand loyalty, all of which make customer relationships the focus.

Good CRM and stable identity

To improve customer relationships, you first need to start working on a database that is the identity of your brand. If your brand is facing uncertainty or uncertainty, your consumers will hardly hear what you say first. Your identity must be partially eternal (core values, long-term mission, etc.), but it must also be contextual.

For example, millennials have been looking for a brand that effectively uses the current trends in their advertising, or a brand that is socially aware and takes steps in that direction when using their services. They are looking for services that are integrated with technology and a wide range of interfaces. In this environment, if you find yourself traditional and antiquated, you may fall short of their expectations.

Recognizing your core demographic is paramount. Then, you need to create a story and tone for the brand in order to form a specific identity. This should be in line with your core values ​​and company culture, as the way you treat your employees reflects the consumer service they provide to consumers. After that, promoting healthy brand awareness about your brand on social media, updating audiences at your hotel, encouraging reviewers, and addressing their concerns will become more seamless.

Congratulations and a working culture

The hospitality sector should focus on employee happiness by improving customer relationships. If your staff and other staff treat hospitality as a business, or are guided only by fear and authority, they are unlikely to treat guests with warmth and cunning.

Hotels are also renting based on properties, not just relying on technical skills. This means that you must hunt for people who find enormous value in being hospitable to others. Individuals are difficult to obtain, technical skills are not so good.

For example, take the whole verification process. The type of service is quite simple. The guest enters, asks for his identity, and then their keys are handed to them. Now, in this scenario, the reception desk can melt all the scripts that were taken during the training, but the way they act, the formality, the sincerity with which they interact with the guest are very important. This is where their innate character of being warm and friendly shines.

An unfortunate worker through a scenario can cause harm. Consumers are smart and economical these days and can smell fake hospitality a mile away. If your staff only provides written service, your guests will be removed. Separate yourself from other establishments there, train your staff to understand the value of emotions, warmth and care.

But this cannot be achieved if they themselves work in a crowded environment. So do not forget to nourish your staff with the same warmth as you would like them to be shared with guests at the hotel.

Technological Assistance

Establishing a good relationship with your customers means that you will meet and exceed customer expectations every time. Matching expectations is significantly easier for brands that have a strong presence with a number of service standards, but that just doesn't cut it anymore. Consumers are actively looking for better experiences, and as we said earlier, the cutting-edge features and conveniences of the same old cookie are of no value to them.

So how can you guide consumer behavior? Of course by implementing the right tools and technologies. Analytics is particularly powerful in this regard. Analysis can help you determine the following and more:

  1. Client demographic

  2. Guest responses for special services

  3. Consumer interests in the current context

  4. Distribution:

  5. Transaction activity

This means that you can correctly decide what guests love and tailor your services accordingly. In fact, personalization is the key to differentiation in an already inflated market. Marketing campaigns also succeed if they are highly segmented and targeted. Even pricing strategies can be manipulated, as Marriott did. They used analytics and customer feedback to rearrange their rooms according to the type of traveler who would stay there – leisure, business or even families with more storage space available. They also armed their front desk with smartphones and tablets to know what they were expecting from their customers.

Consumer relationships are also strengthened through loyalty programs. However, most hotels do not provide guest-friendly programs as they do not know what the upkeep will be. With analytics you can do all this and more, so be sure to include it in your marketing strategy.

Another thing to consider is split testing. You can use a sandbox to test your potential campaigns and determine their effectiveness. It always helps to make predictions so that you do not control the damage in the future through forums such as TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet, even one mistake can significantly boost your reputation.

Get in touch with unusual items

Interp lean interpersonal relationships require communication that is open and transparent. More importantly, it must be consistent. This also applies to your customers, especially in the serious service industry such as hospitality.

When you talk about communication, you should consider mobile, as cell phone is the predominant channel used today. According to WOW Local Marketing, 52% of customers are less engaged with the company due to poor mobile experience. That's more than half of those who are likely to spread the word about your worthlessness. What's more, 55% of customers focus on the experience of your web site to form their opinion, so speed is both a mobile and a network issue.

Customers would also like to see more transparent channels interact and appreciate as little redirection as possible. Do you remember that it was time for at least five representatives to pass a simple inquiry? And you remember that you were disappointed that you got it, but you still have to grill it and bear it. Well, don't force your customers to go through such an experience, because you don't want them to take away the negative memories of staying with you.

Making effective decisions for your employees is one thing I want to emphasize especially here. The better they are when it comes to solving guest problems without asking for redirects or permission from their managers, the more confident the guest will be and will certainly come back thanks to the efficiency of your employees.

Communication channels should also extend to collecting reviews and addressing flight concerns. The guest or the consumer can provide very critical feedback that you will need to address immediately. If they think their opinions and inquiries are going to be invalid, well … this is where your case can be headed.

Finally, consider your activities in the local community. If you are dealing with social issues and giving back to the community, your brand image is greatly enhanced. The guest will not only look at your brand from a useful point of view, they will also feel better because they have chosen you, and not another stunning institution that does not take any responsibility for society at all.

After all, we all know that strengthening customer relationships is not a nightmare. To be effective, it requires patience, timely responses, improvisation and accurate field reading. However, if done correctly, it may remove your brand from the usual players in the hospitality industry.


Ally the smart way to find the best place to rest in Ally

Historically, as a business traveler, vacation maker, or tourist, you had a limited number of ways to accommodate and organize.

First of all you can order through the hotel of your choice or the most popular hotel or hotel. Depending on your needs and your budget, in general, most of them (and still are) will have at least one property in your chosen location and will provide consistent standards throughout the world or throughout the country.

Another option would be to contact a travel agent to plan your trip and your accommodation with it. Usually the agent was either selling "package vacation" tickets to the seller, or the businessman had "rack interest rates" from their GDS (Global Distribution Systems, such as Saber or Galileo). A little more explanation of what is happening behind the scenes of these two methods. The package vacation was simply the "Group Discount" airline known as the FIT (Fully Inclusive Tour), where the traveler had to buy a fixed amount of accommodation to get the minimum fare, often every night of the trip. This accommodation was packaged by wholesalers of travelers who negotiated with individual hotels or networks, offering them a minimum room / night for a large discount. The disadvantage of these packages was, as a rule, the lack of flexibility, and the fact that the booked rooms were mainly households, which meant that the hotel could accommodate these discounted travelers in any room available at any night / hour. On the contrary, booking prices through GDS, although more expensive (partly because of the high cost of paying for GDS hotel participation plus an agent commission), was usually much more flexible and the client would have a choice of rooms.

Now, of course, there is the Internet. The whole world of accommodation is in your hands, so it's easy to find what you want. But is it? Unlike phonebooks like directory agents years ago, the Internet has no content or index, and Google's agenda won't be the same as yours. For example, a search for "accommodation (a) in the city" typically cannot give one real hotel property until or after page 2, 3. Of course, there are many different great sites that offer a surprising array of hotels in the most popular places for hotels. world, so it should be, the problem is solved. However, many offers on these sites are limited in many ways and can be arranged in a more appropriate way, from the site's own revenue to personal property, than what could be better. , how do you know which is the best deal for you? So here's what I suggest:

Take a versatile approach to achieving the right property, at the right place at the best available price.

Let us imagine that you are going to a new place that you had not been to before. Take my hometown of Busselton, for example, in the beautiful wine region of the Margaret River in southwest Australia. Where to start?

First of all go to a site that has (almost) all of its housing features on it. Combined Hotels (No, I'm not working for them, or stocks or any other interests) In the light blue search box, enter your destination and arrival and depart (indicate this is your last night's end) by dates, number of guests, and click Search. The first result will show (say) 25 hotels organized in the "Recommended" category. You can edit this along the first line: Stars; Distance; Price or guest rating or deeper next to the page by star ratings, Price, Places, Hotel names (if you know it), Property type and / or features. Note that you can only change one field at a time. This powerful tool lets you narrow down the property you are looking for by any or all of the variables. After selecting one, click on the BOOK FOR REMEMBER and you will see a new box showing a number of booking sites and their value for the specified property on the date you want. When you click GO, you will actually be taken to a booking site, as Hotels Combined is not a booking site, just a great directory. But stop. Before actually writing the book, there are a few more check-ups and diligence you can choose from.

First of all, Combined Hotels does not include all properties and not all booking sites, such as Triple A or Wotif, and many of these great international booking sites, even though their property value is much lower than the first two bookings: I have described ways you can still get an escape room or face very limited conditions. You may also want to check for yourself what other travelers experience. So,

Look at Tripadvisor (searching for a property name is the fastest way, but you can also search by location, etc.) to see how the property is valued by its past guests and if you really want to go down. Sadly, read property reviews for reviews if they are bothered to do them, and you can even join as an investor, it's free, and you will ask one or more reviewers to ask some questions about their experience or that. property:

After doing this, if you are still happy with your choice or have just prepared, in which case repeat the process with the hotels to find the best price, there is one last step I recommend: own site: Different housing properties make a sensible choice given that all booking sites and other external sources of booking, such as Visitor Centers, Car Clubs, etc., charge varying commission rates from about 10 to 18% to guarantee the same or the lowest price. : is always offered on their own site.

Finally, almost as p.s. if you plan on staying two or three nights longer, especially if it's a low season or midnight in the holiday zone, or on a Friday in the city on a Friday, and / or if you have more than just 1 room, try calling property, especially if it is a smaller owner, as you will often talk to a landlord who may want to negotiate a tariff, and you will certainly be well-informed about it and the surrounding area.

While I hope this method will be useful to you and will guide you, of course, our property, if you plan to stay in this area, I am also very comfortable that it may not be, as I am sure our happiest guests are : those who have made the most conscious and informed choice to stay here.

Happy traveling.


Koh Samui Vs Phuket – Facts and Tips

Thailand is known to be a fantastic place for all travelers to enjoy the beach. The country provides you with a range of fun sports venues, including solid beaches, nightlife extras, some of the world's best shopping and many fun Thailand resorts.

Koh Samui is a great choice for holidaymakers with no dancers, exciting nightlife and fun shopping. Koh Samui, located between the Gulf of Thailand's mainland and Koh Zangan, is a large island with an hour's flight to Bangkok. In Koh Samui there are also harmonious beaches, lush palms along the coast, and various amenities to suit every budget.

A little bigger than Koh Samui, Packet is Thailand's largest island, with many armchairs, party animals and sunbaths throughout the year. There is no end of entertainment in the pack, offering a variety of entertainment including crazy nightlife in Patong Beach, shopping on the street in Muay Thai, and many other fun events. Many great hotels are located in the heart of Patong Beach, within easy reach of the sea, with many canteens and shops.

That the journey between Samui and Phuket has raised questions among travelers who have to worry about climate change in both areas. The weather is quite different, but it is likely to be similar to January-April. From May to September Samui has a warmer climate than Phuket, and Phuket is much warmer than Samui from October to December. However, if you are looking for a vacation without heavy rains in June-August, Bali is just right for you when Thailand is currently raining.

Daily spending is another factor that should be taken into account by the average tourist. All commodities and commodities must arrive by boat or plane to Samui because of its geographical character, which requires greater transport, while Phuket receives it only by means of several routes directly connected to the continent, hence the necessities of life at low prices. are. area.

Flight to Phuket is more expensive than Samui, where the airport is privately owned by Bangkok Airlines, which has higher landing costs than other airports in the country. Several airlines operate Phuket, including Thailand's national carrier Thai Airways.

Both places have beautiful beaches that are covered in dusty white sand. Some people make their personal judgment that the northern tip of Zaveng Beach in Samui is the best beach in the country.

There is a big difference in costs between Phuket and Koh Samui, but it costs less. You will likely spend more money while in Phuket, which has numerous shopping malls, restaurants and nightclubs.

The entire pages of the book are about Thai food, including Samuwa cuisine on the island. Videos such as Garland Samui, such as Joong Maen Street, which have been highly acclaimed by restaurant guides and locals for its traditional Thai food that retains the original Thai flavor of hot spices burning your tongue. In addition, Soph Thai at Bophut Resort & Spa fascinates the world's highest reputation.

Never worry that you will be happy with the food served there. The island has some wild food that you can find and enjoy all over the island, including Indian cuisine, authentic Indian-style pizzas, fine sushi, and English-style breakfasts so you won't be bored with your stomach. Samui has been honored with TripAdvisor Traveler & # 39; s Choice Awards as a food and wine destination across Asia. What is surprising is that this small island of Samui has been classified in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok and Kyoto.

Both Samui and Phuket have many beautiful landscapes surrounding them. With more space and a longer history, Phuket offers more venues for entertainment and different classroom settings, and is said to be better suited to a family-oriented holiday.

However, the lack of available water has been a problem that has bothered Samui for a long time. Some travelers may not notice this shyness, but it's a really urgent problem to solve. Despite rapid development, some areas of the two islands remain calm.


Dominican amber. Jewelry and valuable amber from the Dominican Republic

Remember the movie "Jurassic Park". They created dinosaurs by removing the dinosaur DNA from the blood that was submerged by the insect. These are pretty sensational things.

While this is, of course, all science fiction, there is enough real science behind it to make it a very interesting scenario to think about. I remember shopping in the nature shop when the movie first came out and noticing the renewed excitement, people were showing gumboots containing insects.

Type-type fossils are certainly interesting, but amber-containing fossils are particularly intriguing, as they are often preserved in such fine three-dimensional detail. This also includes soft parts and details directly to the cellular structure. These amber fossils are a window into the past that we simply do not get from other fossils, such as the impression of a rock.

In fact, amber is a fossil, not just insects and another living creature. Amber is a fossil tree, also called tree resin. Process The precise process by which a tree's mold hardens the fossil is still a mystery, so it cannot be reproduced in a laboratory. This amber makes it very unique and looks great.

Amber is found all over the world, but the two areas with the highest concentrations are the Baltic region of Eastern Europe and the Dominican Republic. Baltic amber has been traded on a much larger scale and for a much longer time than the Dominican amber. In fact, it wasn't until the 1960s that the world began to notice the Dominican amber. However, it was definitely known to the native Taino as early as BC. 400. They used it for decoration purposes, and it was found in connection with their graves. Amber ores in the Dominican Republic were also known to Christopher Columbus and Spanish colonists in the late 1490s as the Taino people introduced them to amber necklaces when they first arrived. However, the Spaniards have such naive attention to gold, they mostly forget amber.

In the 1960s, the Germans began ore extraction in the Dominican Republic and out of the Dominican Republic coarse amber slabs to be recycled. In the late 1970s, the Dominican government began to consider ammonia as a national natural resource and adopted a law that would not allow it to be exported until it was developed by local Dominican artisans. This preserved some of the income from this natural resource in the country.

Visitors to any region of the Dominican Republic today can find Dominican amber jewelry and other fine amber pieces sold at open markets, beach pavilions, traditional shops and museums. In fact, it's one of the hottest selling points in the Dominican market, which makes people often forget how difficult it really is to reach.

The best Dominican amber, the hardest and oldest and with the most inclusions, occurs in the northern part of Santiago and in the mountainous La Cumbre region south of the Puerto Plata. Located in the high mountains and only accessible by foot or donkey. It is also tightly embedded in the sandstone layers of the lignite and should be extracted from the rock by piece and by hand. Therefore, mine is quite difficult, and it requires special skill and hard physical labor to do it. So when you buy Dominican amber jewelry, remember how difficult it is to get this beautiful gem, and you'll understand why it is and can command a higher price than other jewelry.

Dominican amber is generally considered to be of higher quality than Baltic amber for two main reasons. First, the Dominican amber is more transparent than the Baltic amber, so you can see more clearly what's built-in. In fact, the Baltic amber is usually quite dark in comparison and full of things that make it difficult to pass through. Second, Dominican amber has about 10 times more interesting compounds such as insects than Baltic amber. These reasons will be discussed in detail below.

When you take a Dominican amber you hold in your hands a precious story, literally. The Dominican amber comes from the tree of the Hymenaea protera tree, a tree that was destroyed but associated with a modern algarrobo tree. However, through DNA testing, this prehistoric destroyed tree is, in fact, more closely related to another species found in Africa, the Hymania. In fact, all of the Himalayan trees in the Caribbean originate from the pods of heavy seeds flowing from Africa that pass the same route through the southern equator, along the same route. The trees from which the Dominican amber was created are thought to predominate in the Caribbean's ancient tropical rain forest, 40 to 40 million years ago. These impressive trees were about 82 feet (25 meters) high.

Most of the Dominican amber comes in shades of the same color that you will find in different types of honey: straw yellow, deep golden, deep and brown. However, the Dominican amber also comes in other colors, which are less common and therefore more expensive by collectors. Red amber is occasionally formed by oxidizing the surface and can be quite beautiful. Green amber is even rarer, and the rarest is blue amber. Both green and blue amber these colors shine in the natural sunlight, and most of them are considered the most beautiful type of amber.

Baltic amber makes it much more opaque than the Dominican amber, which is often filled with small air balloons. That is why balitic amber is sometimes referred to as "bone amber" as it can resemble bone within. To remove these bubbles and try to make a simpler and lighter amber, Baltic amber is often treated with high pressure and temperature. This often leaves noticeable layers of amber. Dominican amber does not need to be subjected to such stress, so it is simpler and often more valuable.

Blue amber is almost exclusively in the Dominican Republic, but you have to be careful that you buy it for real. A piece of blue amber jewelry, especially one that has a nice inclusion, is almost always much more expensive than a piece of gold amber. If you find a blue amber piece that seems unrealistically cheap, beware of a buyer. Remember that only 220 pounds (100 kg) of blue amber is found annually, so the market should never be flooded with blue amber jewelry.

It should also be noted that all real Dominican amber shines blue under UV light. In fact, this is one technique used to find out if the Dominican amber is real or not. Copal, like a hardened tree, but not fully satisfied, is sometimes marketed as "amber," but this imitation will not disperse under the light of UV.

Inclusions in Dominican amber jewelry and other Dominican amber pieces can greatly enhance the value of each piece. Inclusions of insects found in the Dominican Republic include flying ants, whole bees, sweat bees, beetles, mold dwarfs, ponds, small crows, moths, spiders, scorpions, parasitic hearths, mammals, meadows. You will also find leaves, flower petals, plant roots, tasteless eggs, spores and powdery mildew. In larger pieces you are even a rare amphibian, creeper or mushroom. These pieces may be worthy of luck and are often kept as museum pieces.

In addition to jewelry, some collectors collect unusually pleasing pieces. They may contain a rarer form of inclusion or an unusual color. All inclusions have some scientific value, but some are so valuable to the scientific community that they are not permitted by the Dominican Museum of Natural History to endorse them.

Dominicans are increasingly aware of how valuable their amber sources are, so the value of this amber is currently growing rapidly. The Dominican amber is a real treasure, and one of the benefits of traveling to the Dominican Republic is the opportunity to buy its favorite piece. Finding a different place for Dominican amber is getting harder every day.


10 Steps to Cheap Europe Travel

You have been looking for airplane tickets for at least one occasion, and I think I'm guessing that it will still be there when I'm 65 and retired. Don't be discouraged. I would like to explain how you can travel the country of your European dreams in less time than you could have imagined.

Step 1. Forget about the exact plans of your journey

The fastest way to make your trip as expensive as possible is to narrow down your search to something incredibly special.

For example, just because Easter is a four-day holiday doesn't mean a good time to travel. Open yourself to the dates of your journey, the places you go, and where you are located. The more flexible you are, the cheaper the journey.

Step 2. Decide where it is that you really want to visit.

I know I'm just flexible, but that doesn't mean you can't choose the place you want to visit, it means you have to be open where you didn't expect. If you want to visit Dublin, more, don't just look for flights from the US to Dublin. There are chances that you can find a lot more plane tickets from the US to another European city. You can then book another short flight to Dublin for less than $ 80. It's also a great way to see a bonus country.

Step 3. Decide which city you will fly to

Flights to Europe vary greatly depending on which airport you travel to, departure times, and dates. So a good first step might be to know which airport you are going to fly from. If you live in a big city like New York, Boston or Los Angeles, you're lucky. From these cities you will find the cheapest flights to Europe. If you do not live in these cities, you will have a chance to fly to Europe. So if you can drive one of those cities, it might be a cheap option. Otherwise, consider booking a flight from your home town. While it may seem strange, you can get cheaper flights by booking each leg individually rather than booking a ticket from your home.

Step 4. Determine the cheapest European city from which to fly

The easiest way to do this is to find sites that bring together all the cheapest airline tickets, so you don't have to search hundreds of flights yourself. Some sites allow you to enter the United States or the city you know you will be leaving in the From field. In the "To" field, try selecting "Everywhere". Then scroll through the resulting list looking for the first / cheapest country in Europe to fly to. If, for example, Norway makes $ 340 and France $ 380, then it is probably worth simply choosing France if it is your desired destination. however, if the difference is more than $ 100, I would first of all choose the cheapest airport. The upset about Skyscanner is that deals are often no longer active, and sometimes you also have to search through many dates to find the cheapest travel. But patience is key, and how do you find the cheapest flights? Another suggestion is that sometimes flights are made by travel agencies, and it may be worthwhile to look for agency reviews before booking your ticket, as lucky customers rarely write reviews. But if the agency has one of the five stars, it could be a transfer.

Step 5. Find an Inter-European Flight to Reach the End of Your European Dream

What many people do not realize is that flying from one country to another is expensive.

I flew to Europe for $ 14. No joke. I've never paid more than $ 60 for a flight inside Europe. Use to get to your true destination from any country where you ended up ordering the cheapest flight to Europe.

Step 6. Now that you've arrived, find a cheap or free place to stay

Everyone has an idea of ​​a dream vacation. If yours stays in Wrights, I'm surprised you read this article so far. For most of us, we just want to stay somewhere decent while enjoying all that Europe has to offer. I've never stayed in a landfill in Europe. I don't want to and I'm just not that desperate. Accommodation comes in four options: hotel, rental, dorm or Kuchsurf.

  • Hotel:. Staying at a hotel is a safe way, and if you are entering Europe for the first time or are not risk averse, this is probably the way you want to go. Hotels vary from $ 20 to $ 200 per night depending on where you visit, so you may want to keep this in mind when choosing your destination. I wouldn't recommend staying in Monaco until your oil company sees first-quarter record earnings, but staying near Nice can be an option. In other words, keep your options open.
  • Rental. Booking a rental room, apartment, villa or house is also a safe bet, but it can be a little more complicated than just entering a hotel. Sites like Homeaway and Airbnb really do offer unique places, and I have to say that some of my favorite places I've stayed in Europe were for rent. From the Tuscan winery to the quiet neighborhood just outside of London, I really enjoyed staying at a rental and the price is often much less than staying at a hotel if there is a group of you. can share costs.
  • Hostel. The word hostel raises fears about moviegoers, but the reality is that the difference between a hostel and a hotel is sometimes indifferent to Europe. Of course, there are hostels where you can seat five other travelers in the armchair, and for some people this is exciting and exciting. But just because drums aren't your thing doesn't mean you should exclude everything that has the word dorm in the title. I stayed in a few "hostels" that were just as enjoyable as the hotel.
  • Kuchsurf. If you have a really tight budget, or if meeting locals really matters to you, there is no better way than Kuchsurf. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, visit Couchsurfing. In fact, the site allows you to ask anyone who wants to host travelers in their home for free and vice versa. People give reviews to travelers and hosts so you can have some assurance that they are reputable. This is, of course, a risk, and security precautions must be taken. Also, if you do not handle the situation you should always have a backup plan.

Step 7. Eat Cheap.

I focus on the need to visit Europe – travel, hotel and food. Of course, there are many other ways to spend money, but these are the things you should spend money on being one.

The food is amazing. I love food and was disappointed the first two times I went to Europe because I accidentally wandered into restaurants and many were subpar. That all changed when I started checking out TripAdvisor for reviews of restaurants, so every meal should be amazing. This was not so much money saving as general tips. However, TripAdvisor allows you to search for restaurant prices at $ cheaper $$ moderate $$$ and so on.

Here's the money-saving tip: Buying food in Europe is usually very cheap. So if you have booked an apartment with a kitchen, use it. Go shopping at the local market and buy some new weird foods. If you're on a road trip, get some sandwich items to save a few dollars.

Step 8. Understand that there are still many costs involved

While travel, lodging and food are your primary expenses, of course there will be others. Things to think about include immediate transportation, tourist sites, and souvenirs.

Transportation options include public transit. In most European cities there are fantastic and inexpensive public transport available in local currency or by debit card in the kiosk area. Notice that American credit cards often don't work on them because you need a chip and a pin number.

Renting a car is a great option if you are planning to travel out of town, it is usually quite affordable and gives you maximum freedom in mobility. Trains, though charming, are usually not a cheap way to travel to Europe. Flights are much more expensive and faster. But if you are in love with the idea of ​​seeing the country by train, then it's worth trying. Tickets can be purchased in advance on the Eurorail website for a fee. Or if you are more flexible and feel you are worth the risk, you can get them yourself at the train station, usually a little less.

Step 9. Travel Travel Light

Although you may not think that traveling light will save you money, believe me, it will. First, every airline is going to charge luggage. So each leg of your flight will cost you $ 25 to $ 100 for each bag. It is growing rapidly. Second, if you have two suitcases, you are going to fill two suitcases full of things you probably do not need. Third, taking the subway as cheap as the subway becomes frustrating and unworkable when transporting two obscene bags. Fourth, your bags should always be by your side or in your hotel, so if you are planning to check in in the morning and go to another city, you will not be able to do anything until you reach your hotel. All in all, it's just a huge pain to carry a bunch with you around the world. My advice, and I can't stress that much, is to put everything in one backpack. I have a 50L bag and it had everything I needed for a month and a half in Europe. Yes, there are places to do laundry in Europe as well. If you say you do not understand well because you are a boy. I was traveling with two young women, and they both fit in the backpack. If you say you don't understand because you are young, I was traveling with my mother to Europe, and she fit everything into a standard sized school bag. You can do it too.

Step 10. Always plan for the worst and hope for the best

When I travel to Europe, I plan my expected expenses and turn things around. I also plan to spend at least $ 200 on unexpected expenses. After all, my expenses are always lower than this, but I don't ever want to end up in a situation where I'm burdened by those costs myself.


In 2000 words, I gave you a concentrated Europe, a budget guide. Of course, there are many other things to think about when booking your trip to Europe, but the most important thing is just to do it. Find cheap airline tickets to Europe and book them. You can fill in all the gaps later, don't try to plan everything before you get your tickets, and don't try to plan every second of every day. Take time to be spontaneous and immerse yourself in European life.