Camping Toilet Options

Have you been looking to buy a camping toilet? These products can be extremely useful – they can help to take much of the stress out of a camping trip or extended holiday. In this article we take a closer look at the options available to you.

The first range of options available are chemical camping toilets. These do much as the name suggests. They are portable toilets that you can take with you on your trip – they make use of chemicals to break down waste.

The key advantage of chemical solutions is that they offer you a lot more control over hygiene standards. This means that they are likely to involve a higher level of cleanliness than that found at many camp sites. This is likely to be true through much of Europe.

So are there any disadvantages? The main one surrounds the chemicals that are used. These can not be described as being particularly friendly to the environment. They may also not be the right choice for you if you have children or pets.

Sadly, some chemical toilets are not as compact as many people may wish. This is unfortunate since it's likely that you'll have a lack of space in your car.

There are folding toilets available but many are rather flimsy looking and make use of bags or liners that are not biodegradable. Once again, this causes problems for those looking to be friendly to the wider environment and their surroundings.

The ideal solution would be something that is portable, does not make use of chemicals and is fully environmentally friendly. The Norwegian armed forces were keen to find just such a solution and helped to develop a product that has become known as the BioToi.

Until recently, the major drawback with these products was that consumers here in the UK were not able to buy them. Fortunately a number of retailer have now made them available for purchase.

They do cost a little more than some solutions but they could be right for you if you're looking for something that is truly portable and that will not harm your surroundings.

Source by Keith Barrett