Camping at Night: How to Stay Safe

Many homeowners have home security systems installed in their homes because they want to be able to rest comfortably at night, without worrying about someone breaking in undetected. The monitoring component of a home security system makes homeowners able to relax and enjoy their home the way they should.

However, most homeowners also like to get away once in a while and a favorite pastime of Americans is camping. People enjoy roughing it on occasion, but they do not really like letting go of the security they enjoy at home, particularly at night. It's easier to feel safe at a campsite when the sun is up, but after dark, the woods turn into a different place.

There are, fortunately, some steps you can take to make camping at night safer for you and your family. First, before you hit the sack, ensure that you have completely extinguished your campfire. You do not want to wake up to a raging fire outside of your tent or even in your tent. There are no smoke alarms in the wild to give you an early warning.

You should also store any food you have at the campsite in plastic containers with tight-fitting lids. If you can, it is even recommended that you store these containers in your vehicle. The scent of food will attract wildlife, which is one of the most extreme dangers you risk when you are camping in the woods. Just to be extra safe, you should carry a can of pepper spray with you at all times while you are camping so that you can incapacitate a wild animal if you stumble upon one on accident.

If you have to visit the restroom while you are camping, be sure to always walk with a buddy and a flashlight. It can be easy to get turned around in the dark and if you get lost, it could be morning before you are found. You might also consider carrying a personal alarm with you so that if you get get lost, you can pull the pin on the alarm, sounding a siren that will direct rescuers to you.

For those of you who like to camp in RVs or motorhomes, be sure to lock your doors and windows when you are inside for the night. While the risk of someone breaking in is low, there are still criminalies that will give it a shot if the circumstances are right.

Source by John C Cherry