Camping Supplies – How To Use The Power Of Internet To Your Advantage

There are lots of websites for camping supplies. These websites are a great source of camping products which are of good quality as well as at the best possible prices. Irrespective of how you going for camping or just taking part in activities like fishing, hunting or hiking. When looking for camping supplies online, you can browse different websites for it and find lots of varieties of camping gear.

Websites for camping supplies offer wide range of brands as well varieties of camping supplies. You can search for these websites for camping supplies on any popular search engine. You can compare the prices of the required equipments and then decide on the best deal possible.

While shopping online, you can see lots of catalogs, and choose the desired equipments within the comforts of your home. Whatever you may need in your equipments, be it from basic one to more advanced ones, it is all there just fingertips away. There are also many websites for camping supplies that offer equipment at discounted prices. Different branded camping equipments are also available at discounted prices.

Search engines are a good place to get the list of websites for camping equipments. You can either find the company of camping supplies by simply entering the keyword of the brand you searching for. The other way of searching is also by typing the name of the equipment you looking for to get the information regarding the stuff. You will be surprised to see the search results, as you will find the number of websites for camping supplies being flashed.

You will have a wide choice of websites to choose from. You can also find a larger list of websites for camping supplies offering their equipments at discounted prices. Online shopping is time saving and very comfortable one, than doing from retail stores.

If in case you are searching for camping cooking equipments, websites for camping supplies is a good place to look these things for. However, if you plan to prepare your meals on the campfire, you can find compact nesting cookware sets that are simple to store and can also be kept for personal use.

If you plan to prepare meals for the entire group of campers or your whole family at the campsite, websites for camping supplies dealing in cookware give good choices for the fever at campfire.

Dutch ovens which are made from cast iron and are deep, large to be ideal for use in making stew, cobbler, chili and many types of desserts and meals at the campsite. Websites for camping supplies also offer portable grills, stoves, which includes grills with four legs which can be used on campfire for cooking and also can be used with charcoal, propane, butane and alcohol stoves.

Other types of cooking supplies that you may need during camping includes storage containers, cookware sets, knives, cutting board, and coolers. Make a list of the cookware that you may need at the campsite during camping so that to avoid forgetting anything important, like tongs, spice sets, spatulas, and lighters.

When you decide to buy furniture for camping then getting it from websites for camping supplies is the best decision to make as you will get the furniture at a much cheaper cost than they sell in the retail shops. Inclusion of camping furniture in your camping trip is sure to make your camping trip comfortable. You may take RV for your camping vacation in order to get more space for storage of you equipments. Having tables and chairs makes you more comfortable at the campsite and these foldable chairs and tables can easily be stored. Camping cots can also add some more comfort to your camping trip.

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Camping Equipment Tips

About a month ago I've got some tips on how to organize your camping equipment to make it easier to pack up and get on the road. I got a lot of comments on the subject and decided to write another with just a few more tips.

We all know that camping can be a joyous occasion to bring the entire family together, but there is always a downside to everything! Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to remembering all of the camping equipment needed, and keeping everyone happy. Remember you always, at all costs, have to keep the woman of the house happy. Make sure that there is plenty of clean water and bathroom supplies handy. I know this is a subject that no one wants to talk about but everyone has to deal with but it needs to be done. The camping toilet is a piece of camping equipment that is a luxury to have especially on those 3-5 day camping trips. If you do not have this piece of camping equipment there is an easy solution. I have an extra 3-4 person tent, I grab a 5 gallon bucket and a toilet seat from any local hardware store, I mount the seat on the bucket and put it in the extra tent, instant bathroom. Home made camping equipment is usually cheaper than store bought. You then dig a hole behind the tent to dump the waste in. Trust me the wife may think it's disgusting at first but she will love it in the end and so will you, trust me.

I do have one more tip before I close. When you store your camping equipment make sure it is clean and dry. It will last so much longer, especially your tent. I know a lot of times when your are leaving the camp site you just want to pack up the tent and go but you can do more harm than you think. Ants can destroy your tent and other camping equipment if they are packed up with it. If there is not a clean spot at the campsite to sweep of the inside and the outside of the tent, make sure when you get home to open the tent back up to clean it inside and out. Any insects left on or inside the tent can eat little holes in the fabric and cause the ten to leak from the top or the bottom. The tent is probably the most expensive piece of camping equipment you have. It must be taken care of.

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Camping Toilet Options

Have you been looking to buy a camping toilet? These products can be extremely useful – they can help to take much of the stress out of a camping trip or extended holiday. In this article we take a closer look at the options available to you.

The first range of options available are chemical camping toilets. These do much as the name suggests. They are portable toilets that you can take with you on your trip – they make use of chemicals to break down waste.

The key advantage of chemical solutions is that they offer you a lot more control over hygiene standards. This means that they are likely to involve a higher level of cleanliness than that found at many camp sites. This is likely to be true through much of Europe.

So are there any disadvantages? The main one surrounds the chemicals that are used. These can not be described as being particularly friendly to the environment. They may also not be the right choice for you if you have children or pets.

Sadly, some chemical toilets are not as compact as many people may wish. This is unfortunate since it's likely that you'll have a lack of space in your car.

There are folding toilets available but many are rather flimsy looking and make use of bags or liners that are not biodegradable. Once again, this causes problems for those looking to be friendly to the wider environment and their surroundings.

The ideal solution would be something that is portable, does not make use of chemicals and is fully environmentally friendly. The Norwegian armed forces were keen to find just such a solution and helped to develop a product that has become known as the BioToi.

Until recently, the major drawback with these products was that consumers here in the UK were not able to buy them. Fortunately a number of retailer have now made them available for purchase.

They do cost a little more than some solutions but they could be right for you if you're looking for something that is truly portable and that will not harm your surroundings.

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Fast and Easy Camping Food

A good meal means different things to different people. However, good eats while camping are important because they can have an impact on the entire trip. I believe good camp food is food that is easy to make and can be made very quickly. Here, are a few tips I have picked up through the years to make good meals:

1. Don’t be afraid to choose basic hamburgers. Whether it is hamburgers or hot dogs, most people find that they like one if not both. By adding these to your cooking menu, you increase your chances of making them happy.

2. Meals Ready To Eat (MREs). These staples of the military can also be great for you. With food that tastes similar to what comes out of a can, these are great because of their quick cooking times. Plus, they are relatively inexpensive as you get up to 30 meals for under $100 in some cases and they pack well as they were designed for traveling.

3. Freeze dried food. The arguments for MREs also apply here. The pricing is much like them and the other benefits are the same.

4. Food in a can. These are good because of their quick cooking and ready to go formats. All you have to do is heat them in a pot and you are good to go. Plus, the left-over cans can be used to help you around the campsite to store smaller items or for target practice.

5. Boxed foods: Rice and noodle dishes, mac and cheese, and other boxed goods work great in the field. Boxed foods are good because they are relatively light weight, tend to have fast cooking times and the materials can be easily disposed of afterwards.

6. Breakfast food: There are about a dozen different types of bars you can choose from: cereal, granola, fruit, etc. Each one is great because they require no cooking and can be carried with you while hiking. This means you may be able to avoid having to build a morning fire on certain days.

7. Trail Mix and More: These work just like the breakfast food bars. Whether it is dried fruit, beef jerky, or a trail mix, they give you a ready supply of carbohydrates and proteins. Great for hiking trips and keeping your overall camping food weight down.

8. Crackers and More: Crackers are a great food for camping because they keep for a long time and can be used with a number of other items, like tuna, cheese, some meats, etc. While camping, these foods taste extra good, so be sure to add them to your camp food list.

9. Fast Menu Options: These examples are great because everyone enjoys them.

a. Taco salad( chips, shredded lettuce, and pinto)

b. Pita Bread Pizza (Pizza sauce, cheddar or mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, pita bread).

10. Drinks for Camping: It is best to avoid drinks that are liquid form. Choose powders to reduce your weight as you can always add water later. Popular camping choices are coffee, cocoa, tea, tang, and Gatorade powder.

These camping foods tend to be crowd pleasers because they are easy to make, easy to carry, and leave little left over trash. Do yourself a favor and try out a few as we are sure they will be good for your group and easier on the cook.

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Online Stores For Camping Gear

Camping gears are available at several online stores like,,,,,, , and All provide various choices of camping essentials coming from reputable suppliers.

To have a memorable camping experience, the first thing to do is to be equipped with the most dependable gears and essentials. Choosing a good quality of camping gear and equipment is just one click away from different online stores like:

Campmor –

With over 30 years in the industry, it has a good selection of discounted camping gears from clothing, to tools and gadgets.


An outdoor clothing company who owns to the top "100 Best Companies to Work For" has complete lines of camping gear selection for climbing, hiking, camping, and snowsports.

Camping-R-Us –

A company who specializes in backpacks, tents and swags with over 20 years of experience in camping equipment has a wide range of outdoor gears. All stocks come from quality suppliers like Coleman, Oztrail, Kookaburra and a whole lot more.

Outdoor-gear –

The best source for camping equipment online, Outdoor-gear offers an affordable price for all gears and equipment.

Eastern Mountain Sports –

An online store for camping gear and equipment, which ensures guaranteed satisfaction for every purchase made. The company follows a full refund policy in case of dissatisfaction on the part of the end-users.

Camping-Equipment-World –

An outdoor equipment company, which is one of the leading and fastest camping gear retailers with over 400 online stores from different manufacturing partners. This is where you can find all camping essentials from sleeping to cooking.

Camping gear outlet –

This company specializes on camping gears for all types of outdoor recreation with a wide collection of best value equipment. –

Managed by a dynamic team, this site provides you with the best information about outdoor gear and equipment in the market that is suitable for all ages.

Before choosing a perfect gear, determine first the camp location and the number of campers so that you will not end up choosing the wrong type of gear. If you want to spend a day or two in a mountainous area, choose a tent that is especially designed for hilly lands. If you are planning a big family camping adventure, choose a tent that can accommodate a huge number of people. It's not the brand of camping gear that counts but, the quality. Although quality products sometimes are bit expensive, it is worth the investment than the cheaper and less durable ones.

Note that camping stoves can be considered a gear you may really want to bring along.

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