The best way to see Alaska glacier – Alaska flights

Many tourists are tired of exotic islands and overseas trips for shopping. As a result, Alaska has overtaken the more traditional areas and has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. This led to a constant flow of tourists in this ever quiet and often forgotten state. One of the best ways to see the beautiful scenery here & # 39 is to consider flying in Alaska.

See Alaska different eyes

In fact, Alaska is seen as intolerant and remote place, in fact quite the opposite. One of the best tickets to Alaska – book a tour by helicopter. This will allow you to see some of the most fantastic scenery in the world, which usually are not available to more traditional means of transportation. Glaciers of Alaska offer some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, especially during sunrise and sunset. Booking tickets will allow you to take pictures of some of these scenes as the memory of those who returned home, who were unable to accompany you on vacation in Alaska.

Explore the previously uncharted territory

A few decades ago, few people would have thought to visit Alaska vacation. However, over the past few years this has changed dramatically, and is held annually each year through it is a great vacation spot more than 100 000 visitors. Regardless of whether a & # 39; you are a delight fisherman or you like to see more unusual types of wildlife that Alaska offers, in this direction are sure to find something that will entertain holiday makers of all ages during the entire stay.

Much you can do in Alaska

No trip to this spectacular place is complete without visiting missions to Alaska at least once. Another exciting activity that should always be considered together with a sightseeing tour to Alaska helicopter – sled dogs. Unlike many other holiday destinations in Alaska is the real offer. Here you will be able to withdraw from this Iditarod dog sled and his team. After landing on a remote Alaskan glacier, you will be shown how to navigate in your own sled team. During the trip you will be able to get acquainted with wildlife like moose and bears. This activity allows children to accompany their parents.

Choose from our custom packages

If you are on an adventure, you can book one of our dog sled and ice to pick up or dog sled, hiking and kayaking. No matter which option you choose, you will not be disappointed. These tours last from 2 to 5 hours and start at only $ 650 per person. It requires a minimum of 2 people to order one of our tours. If necessary, you can arrange ground transfers for an additional fee.

The next time you are planning a vacation for your family & # 39; and airline tickets to Alaska to become one of the first options in your list. If you decide to spend your days relaxing in the bed of Knik River, or go on a flight, a visit to Alaska will experience a holiday that will not forget.