Ski vacations in Alaska

Alaska – the name itself evokes a feeling of mystery and piety. And it has some of the most remarkable points of the mountain in the world. The Alyeska Resort – one of the best resorts in Alaska – gets a whopping 631 inches of snow annually and has a vertical drop 2501 feet and a height of 2751 feet …

Amazingly, though Alaska offers some of the best downhill skiing in the world, but the slopes are generally not crowded – which is very similar to some other regions of the world, which offer skiing comparative scale. The resort Aleska you can not see the long linear lines, and you have 9 under the & # 39; lift – 2 ground lift, 6 lifts and cable cars. While most of the 68 tracks is designed for mid-level skiers, skiers of all levels – from beginners to highly qualified experts – can also go skiing.

One really interesting point of the resort – it is what you can ski at night … Night skiing is allowed there, and this means that skiing can be much more exciting compared to many other resorts, where it is prohibited. ..

Moreover – it is not only the glaciers and snow-capped mountains that can be seen at night, but also the famous Northern Lights. Only this should make the experience much more exciting! No wonder Magazine Skiing Magazine takes this resort very highly.

The ski season at the resort ALECSO

The ski season begins in mid-November and lasts until mid-April. In April, the duration of the day about sixteen hours, and in December the day is only about seven hours. This makes night skiing is not only bizarre, but also necessary.

Also good accommodation. Hotel Alyeska Prince – this is one place that you would like to check if you are particularly interesting for the elegant accommodation and excellent dining. You can also schedule visits to other places of nightlife nearby.

But skiing – not the only thing that can be offered. Helisking, sled dogs, watching the flight, riding on country skiing, rock climbing, watching polar bears and climbing – are other interesting events that you may want to check out.

If you are a person who really loves adventure and eager to experience each site in its natural form, is one thing that you may want – it does not visit the resort in the summer or spring and winter. You see Alaska as it really is!

The resort offers exciting activities for the whole family & # 39; and, as well as a really good attractions. This can be as good as you can get a ski vacation for the family & # 39; and!