My Fair Alaska

I grew up in Alaska. The first 19 years I spent on the lake in a broad Arctic haven for wildlife. Where my parents lived, 4 brothers and sisters, there were no other people, no running water and electricity. It was a cruel and difficult life, we fished and processed fur animals for the meager income, hunted moose and caribou meat and hides, wood cut, drilled azyartsovy ice water, and life in the Alaskan wilderness was difficult. The journey was a primitive snowshoeing and dog dragged malamutes and wolf hybrid dog. We had two facilities with an engine, a small chainsaw and snowmobile, but they are hardly as to rent an airplane for the importation of gasoline was expensive. I learned a lot in these 19 years, the survival of the art itself, but I also learned another, no less important.

How to have fun this way of life.

Sledge were our playmates, we learned to swim in the lake, there was no such thing as text messages, we talked a pencil and paper, waiting for months before getting an answer, because the mail came by plane just once or twice a year. Visit the city was for us a pleasure, especially when my family & # 39; I went to Minnesota to visit dad mother, grandmother. It was in 1981, and 9-year-old boy to fly an airplane, ride on the SUV on the highway, there is the restaurant, drink soda was a pretty big adventure.

I departed this life in 1991, at the age of 19 years. Now I am a different way of life, I drive a car, work, pass the text on your mobile phone and travel. I love to travel. But I still remember his life in Alaska country, about growing up. My parents are gone, victims of the disease, but what they taught me, I will never forget. Now I have a small plane, and every chance I get, I go back, tweak our little old cabin and experience the impressions with which I grew up. I will never forget the beautiful country, freedom, hiking through the village, leaving the house in the autumn night, and bedding with one of the dogs wolves to look at the stars. It really feels and lives Alaska. And I will never forget the grandeur and elegance of this magnificent state.