Alaskan seafood – the best choice for healthy, tasty fish


It can be confusing to obtain two-way communication on the use of fish, but be very careful what kind of eating. Although the sort which types of seafood to eat to risk and that in order, some people may just want to throw the towel and did not deal with the whole situation. Although this may seem unpleasant to choose the right fish is quite simple, and the potential health benefits far exceed any risk or extra effort that a person can make in order to find the fish. Choosing the right seafood is actually easier from the Alaska seafood, the positive difference is quite obvious, because the risk of contamination is small and all the benefits are.

High levels of mercury in fish is a problem – it is a particular problem, which should be experienced people, especially women who are pregnant or during childhood. Absorption of large amounts of mercury can have serious & # 39; ozna negative impact on the nervous system of the child, as well as all development of the brain. Older and larger predatory fish – those that have the highest levels of mercury in the meat, so people should avoid eating fish such as shark, swordfish and mackerel. Department of Environmental Protection of Alaska has a fish monitoring program that checks thousands of fish and considered the level of mercury twenty-three species of fish from Alaska. The seafood in Alaska positive difference lies in the fact that all fish tested this program, I had a little mercury in their bodies.

Wild Alaskan Salmon has some of the lower levels of mercury, but it has the required omega-3 fatty acids, low-fat protein, iron, zinc and vitamins A, C and D, which are so useful for the organism. Seafood in Alaska, which were tested as part of the monitoring program of fish, also showed a very low level to nyaisnuyuchyh organic pollutants. When choosing seafood in Alaska positive difference lies in the fact that a person can choose from a wide range of fish, without worrying at the same time, they will absorb dangerous amounts of pollutants. Clean environment the coast of Alaska means that the fish, which takes its water, has all the good substances needed by the body without the potentially harmful pollutants contained in seafood from other parts of the world.