Tourists Alaska say "yes" to the ownership of vacation and timeshare in Las Vegas


For those of you who like to know what happens in Las Vegas, recently came to Alaska quite a few visitors. Alaska Air makes a great marketing and flights bring us tourists. We feel a great interest of visitors of Alaska in Las Vegas to the idea of ​​returning to Las Vegas and to the acquisition of product concepts for the property on vacation or time end.

Summer for those who live in Anchorage and the surrounding area, filled with natural light and the temperature is perfect for the exit. Nevertheless, it seems to be a time when Alaska make holidays and acquire ownership of vacation and time-time. We had quite a lot of discussion about the trip, using the flexibility of ownership of vacation products and the temporary use in places such as Mexico, and Hawaii.

Flights from Anchorage to Las Vegas took more than 7 hours, even without stops. Guests Alaska have expressed interest in the knowledge that they can spend great holidays, if they can use the time off work and want great customer service for their travel requirements. We were very impressed by the hard work and dedication, which they express in the workplace and in their communities throughout Alaska. Many of the buyers worked in public office or in the service sector.

I like to meet with a lot of great people from Alaska and spend time with the purchase of them, to go on the show and contribute to the economy.