Treasure hunt in Alaska – I found 3 sand dollar in Sitka, Alaska


Two by two, twelve of us ran down the ramp catamaran on the sandy beach of the island. Our guide on the catamaran smoothly declared: "If you see a bear, simply inflate the whistle and lock arms with others to form a long line." Words blurred in my mind. I remember thinking, "How would we hit the whistle when we saw a bear?"

Laughed loudly, her husband declared: "When my wife to see a bear, it would not need to suppress whistle catamaran captain easily hear her scream.".

Our guide also announced to wait patiently on the edge of the island to the catamaran back to our departure. Once again, my husband declared: "When my wife to see a bear on the island, she will walk on water to get back to the boat." Other adventurers smiled when we started our "afternoon excursion into the wild."

Thinking today about the information that describes the trip to the island, I'm sure that I flew over the word "wildlife" and patentsyynasts our lives to this day is in danger.

The rest went for a walk around the island in the woods. My husband and I went another route. We went to the beach on the tiny island, basking in the sunny, warm day in Alaska. "It makes no sense to apply self-harm, if any, can be avoided," – I said to myself silently.

When we went, my husband and I found one, two, and then three perfect sand dollars on the unspoiled island in Alaska. Never before have I found a perfect sand dollar on any beach that I have visited, and there we were on an island in Alaska, in which three three perfect sand dollar.

I wrapped sand dollars in the wipes and gently put them in the pocket of his jeans. I said to my husband, "I'd better take good care of them, because no one would believe that we have found three sand dollars in Alaska." I knew it was a "once in a lifetime."

When the group returned to the catamaran for our board of & # 39; Congress, one of the adventurers asked us: "What did you do?" Did I mention that we have found the stumps and three sand dollars during our walk. Their eyes widened, and they asked, "Where did you find sand dollars?" I had heard their question, but still delighted with what we found. I carefully kept in the hands of sand dollars.

These sand dollars to me now more than when we found them three years ago. Our adventure, transformed treasure hunt – is just one of many unusual miracles that my husband and I have experienced; miracles of love, who gave us the creator of the universe.

Recently, I found an article in the magazine Reader & # 39; s Digest about how "How the new science of gratitude" can change your life. In this article, Barbara Fredriksson, a psychologist at the University of North Carolina, says: "Gratitude has the potential to change everything from the normal state to the present."

Or are you today expressed gratitude for the unexpected gift of love, something that money can not buy?

© Angela Scott

December 28, 2007