Alaska fishing lodge – fishing lodge


Ken River is a few minutes from fishing lodges Fishing, which is located on the Kenai Peninsula. This family-run business since 1987, offers all the amenities that you would expect from a fishing lodge. Full range of services in the Anglers Lodge includes excellent accommodation and location, and a wide variety of fishing in Alaska.

In this Alaska fishing lodge is a house for non-smoking rooms. The rooms themselves the laid phones, coffee pots (mandatory for you early risers early), private baths, daily maid service, and even a mini-fridge. Most rooms have two double beds, and if you like, there are single and triple rooms in some rooms.

You can start your day with a continental breakfast and not worry about meals, as they are available in the lodge or packed for your boating. At the end of the day, you can bring your swimming trunks and slowly plunge into the hot tub for eight people, to catch dinner in the lodge and sit around the fire camp, pamyanyayuchy fishing lies.

If you think of Alaska fishing lodge, you think about fishing and fishing lodge up to its name. Their fishing fish will go with you to some fantastic places for fishing nearby. From May to July, you can catch fish King, Chinook, Sockeye, or even the red salmon. You can even go fishing in the Pacific Halibut. August in fishing lodge will Silver and Coho Salmon. Rainbow trout can be hot in the Ken River in September, so you can think about that at this time to go fishing.

Half and full day fishing packages are available. Both full and half day fishing packages include accommodation, meals and of course, fishing anywhere from two to seven nights. Month from May to September – the most important months for fishing and Anglers in advance to make a reservation.

Location of the boat in Anglers Lodge include twenty dreyfavanyh boats, boats twenty and twenty-eight foot Marly Rae. Drift and motor boats can run up to four people and leadership, and Marly Mae filling six people, as well as the captain and the deck. First and foremost is safety rybalovskaga lodge in Alaska, as all boats are inspected and approved by the Coast Guard.

What more can a person say about Anglers Lodge? It's really a full range of services in the fish domi Alaska. The room is a pleasant, family atmosphere makes a person feel at home, and he has more fishing than you can shake a fishing rod.