Alaska, the final cruise


Alaska is full of surprises. To begin, it is one of the largest rainforest in the world with 162 inches of rain a year. He's incredibly handsome, incredibly effective and incredibly wide. It seems endless desert. Wherever you look, there are panoramic views of the mountains, covered with towers, hemlock and spruce, which extend from the coastline to the clouds. Evergreen, it seems, lasts forever. In a way this hearing. Absolute size gives you hope that we have not destroyed the planet.

It was part of Brent Nixon posts. He was one of the most exciting cruise. He is a teacher naturalist who filled most days of the famous theater and delighted everyone with his unusual, full of facts and funny video and a slide show illustrated. He read some lectures on wildlife, and all this helped us to get more value from whale observations of bears, bald eagles, sea lions and seals. In this mountainous greenery affects almost unreal pastel blue Hubbard Glacier. All on board were part of an iceberg after iceberg sailed on a huge ice rocks in front of our eyes.

To some extent, all depend on the cruise excursions that you spend. In Alaska, you are almost spoiled his plan. Star tour was for us Ketchykana when we visited the Misty Fjords. Weather & # 39; e was not misty but beautifully clear. The trip was amazing, especially in the Gulf Rudyerda, deepest fjord, which is raised in the water from a height of 3000 feet. Seals and bald eagles were looking at how we are after the three-hour trip by boat boarded the float plane on the 20-minute flight back to Ketchykan.

Another memorable day was the campaign that we conducted from June to see the glacier Mendenhol. Our guide will be happy to have on the spreading of the bear. At one point, there were two sets of litter, a very crisp. One of the tourists heard nervously said: & # 39; Thus, we are again on the two bear cubs! & # 39; After a day's hiking in the cold wind and rain, despite wearing protective ponchos free, it was nice to return to the abandoned luxury Infinity and meet all the courtesy and friendliness, which is famous for its celebrity. There were, of course, and other great walks in Skagway, Vancouver and Victoria. And again we were blessed nice company at our table with two pairs of old friends and one very highly anticipated new pair.

Cruise was 100% perfect, and as for the flight at the far transport, seat World Traveller Plus based on BA were fabulous.