Kantishna Alaska – Alaska


Kantishna, Alaska – a small village 95 miles deep in Denali National Park, which has a rich and varied history. With this violent geological origins to seasonal hunting forays locals Atabaskanav and rough life of gold miners of gold early twentieth century, this fascinating region with today & # 39 is the point of the obstacles for those who want to explore the more remote regions of the Denali National Park.


Alaska Range within Denali National Park traces the boundary between the Pacific and North American tectonic plates. The movement of this boundary, called the Rift Dan is responsible for zatsyavanne the highest mountain in North America, 2020 feet. McKinley, the sky.

From 2 million to ten thousand years ago, massive continental glaciers filled the Alaska fishing line. Glaciers are defined by ice that actually flows down the stream of time. The southern part of Alaska fishing line was (and still is) much ice because of wet storms that come from the Gulf of Alaska.

The early history of man

People of Aboriginal interior of Alaska were atabaskane-Indians, and is believed to be one of the last groups that crossed the bridge Beryngski.

Archaeological evidence suggests that while in the lowlands in the north of the country had Athabaskan village where slightly more temperate climate in the region Denali National Park there was a permanent settlement. However, the data suggests that small groups migrated to peradgor & # 39; and Alaska in the summer months to hunt caribou and moose, as well as picking berries and other vegetation.

These people are called Mt. McKinley "Dan", which means "high", and numerous legends indicate surprise and fear that atabaskantsav felt on the mountain.


The first claims to the national park in Dan Kantyshny mountains were made judge James Uikershamam in 1903 after he inadvertently discovered gold in the Creek City during the exploration of alpinistychnym route over the mountains. McKinley. By 1905, several thousand people were traveling on the river Kantyshna on the boat and the dog to settle in the area.

Cities around Kantyshny often built in a matter of weeks. The largest of these cities were named Glacier City, Diamond, Roosevelt Square and Dale. Today, little remains to mark their location. In a few miners left for several years from the initial rush. The realities of remote life combined with relatively few well paying claims quickly thin the crowd of people. At present, no commercial mining activities in the area Kantyshny anywhere in the Denali National Park.

Kantyshna today

Kantyshny today – is an obstacle for those who want to explore the inter & # 39; er Denali national park, away from the crowd, which is manifested at the entrance to the park.

Get to Kantyshny only by shuttle bus, bus or chartered plane. The bus ride for 95 miles from the entrance to Denali National Park to Kantyshny takes most of the day, when visitors were treated to one of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

In the area Kantyshny there are several houses that offer clean and comfortable rooms with the best houses, which offer a number of activities, including programs under the guidance of naturalists, guided tours and walks, golden breadcrumbs, mountain biking, opportunities for photos and even more tours.

Alaska value

Popular among those who discriminate Alaska visitors who seek genuine amazing amazing Denali National Park, Kantyshna – really valuable tale Alaska, which reflects the many sides of the real Alaska experience.