Alaska fishing lodge – bed Unalakalit River


Unalakaleet has a proud heritage that begins with Unalakleet name, that word, taken from the Inupiaq, which means "on the south side." It is also the first checkpoint on the Norton Sound dog Iditarod Trail Sled Race. While those who live in the area know about this wonderful place has a lot to offer to those looking for fishing lodge in Alaska.

Unalakalit house on the river is located about four miles north-west of Anchorage on Norton Sound (Behring). He can be reached by air, the service, which operates daily from Anchorage. While the lodge takes its name, its own village Unalakalit is about ten miles.

It is impossible not to feel as if they had gone to the place in the past, when the spectacle carcass log cabins welcome you. This is true for both large main houses, and for cabins in which you will stay. Sam main lodge offers a truly breathtaking view of the natural surroundings from a place on the top of the hill.

Accommodation at the lodge Unalakaleet river wonderful, the cabin sports twin beds or king-size beds. In addition, you will have a few benefits of creation than the mountain people and Eskimos centuries ago. Full bath and electric heat are helping to make a very comfortable and relaxing holiday in the wooden house.

It is expected that you will have the opportunity to enjoy one of the most diverse fishings that Alaska can offer. King Salmon from June to mid-July, when the run begins "Silver Salmon", which runs until mid-September. Shares Varden Gryling and articles can be found from June to mid-September. Many salmon and char articles can usually be found from mid-June to mid-August. Pink salmon has traditionally had a short run in the middle of the season in the month of July.

Power Unalakaleet River Lodge has a full package, which are included in your calculation; daily housekeeping, evening vorsard, all meals and wine with dinner. One of the fishing side of your package, you have a fishing license for the duration of your stay and fully managed fishing. I would recommend contacting them on a package that suits you best.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, you will come home with millions of memories of being in this Alyaskanskim fishing lodge. For pryglyadalnikav have the natural beauty of Alaska in this pristine setting. If you are a fisherman / woman does not matter, you get to enjoy the fishing on the device or on a fishing lotah in Unalakaleet River bed is waiting for you an unforgettable trip.