Cruise on a small boat in Alaska: where do you go?


Alaska – one of the last frontiers, tamed by human civilization. Think of Alaska and you immediately think of a serene woodland, extensive glaciers and snow lakes.

Now it would be great if you can see these Arctic wonders with my own eyes, and not just on the cards? With cruise Alyaskanskim small boat you can enjoy all this and much more. If you do decide to take a cruise vacation for their own, that's the place that you are likely to have visited in your cruise.

Sitka, Alaska

Sitka is located in the Alexander Archipelago in the western part of the island Baranaf. Sitka – is the name of Tlingit origin and means "People on the street Shi". City – a good place to experience the culture Tlingit people.

While in calico, visit the Cathedral of St. Michael, the residence of the Bishop of Kamchatka. He was burned in 1966, but as a result of a large restoration project, he was returned to the original form.

mountain Bitches

This is one of the most famous of the majestic mountains County North Slope of Alaska. It has a height of about 9792 feet, and the nearest town to it – Kaktovik, which is almost 40 miles. It is ideal for mountain expeditions, but please note that you must prepare for this kind of adventure.

Salisbury Sound

The geography of the sound – it's a great entry into the depths of the sea, and more than a deep bay. Salisbury Sound is located between the island Kruzof and south-western tip of the island Chychagof. Captain James Cook named it the Bay of Islands.

paradise apartments

Located in the beautiful Gulf SOOU, Paradise Flats impress you, as in contrast to the reputation for Alaska glaciers, this place is covered with vegetation. So, you can see the spectacular snow-capped mountains of Alaska, but the overall landscape is green and fun for fans of the green.

You can see a variety of flora and fauna in Paradise Flats, if you pre-conceived notion that all the snow in Alaska. Herbivorous animals of all sizes can be seen here, and if you are handy camera, you return home with a brilliant collection of fauna of Alaska.

Kelp Bay

Kelp Bay is located in the County of Sitka, Alaska. It offers a wide horizon of the water landscape of Alaska. If you have fishing gear, you can experience the diversity of life that awaits in the waters.

Nearby trails – pass and sound Nakvasina, Trail Bay Starygavan, land and surroundings Starygavan camp, Indian River Trail, harbor mountains and mountains of the harbor, as well as trace Sitka.

Admiralty island

You can find one of the best types of call in Alaska on Admiralty Island. It is the seventh largest island in the entire United States, and we are confident that you will be spending a huge amount of your time cruising, while in this picturesque area of ​​the Alexander Archipelago.

Admiralty Island has a Tlingit name Xootsnowu, which means fortress bear. This namesake of due in large part because of the huge population of brown bears in the area. While these brown bears can not cuddle like a typical teddy bear, you at least can save time when you come across them in the form of your yacht.

Kootnova Desert Island in Admiralty & # 39 is unique due to the temperate rainforest. This environment provides living conditions that make it a better habitat for bald eagles, brown bears and deer sitkavyh.

Mine Green Creek is also located on Admiralty Island, and a & # 39 is a natural monument. It is an underground mine, rich in silver, gold, zinc and lead.

Brothers Islands

Tongas National Park – a temperate rain forest, a hidden gem that can be found on the island of Brothers. The place is very picturesque and it looks like one of those desktop wallpaper that people use on their computers.

Tracy and Endykott

Arm Tracy Endicott – is a fjord in the northern Alaska and & # 39 is a spectacular sight of what nature can achieve if left alone. Fjord – a long narrow entrance with steep edges.

Juneau city

Juneau is actually larger than the states of Rhode Island and Delaware, and if you want to experience a unique urban lifestyle of Alaska, this is the place where you stay during your cruise.

If you are looking for a beautiful adventure that with & # 39 is unique and memorable cruise in small boats in Alaska – one of the best options that you can consider.