You should get a bird with an eye on Alyaskanski pipeline


Alyaskanski pipeline, which is also known as the "Pipeline System Transkalyaska", was designed to transport oil 800 miles from the North Slope of Alaska to the northern port of Valdez, Alaska. Alaskinski pipeline crosses three mountain ranges, more than 800 waterways, faults, marshy ground frost and migration pad caribou.

The construction was extremely difficult, given the relentless terrain, the builders took about two years; The first oil was transferred in 1977. The final price tag was $ 8 billion, but the end result was worth it, it's been 15 billion barrels of oil.

"All of a sudden people started coming to the city", – said George. B. Carnahan, a former police officer in Fairbanks, Alaska. "It happened very quickly, when he took off. Because I do not think anyone really believe that this monstrous project will affect us. I mean, maybe the policy, but I think that a regular guy just some was "& # 39; About it, we've heard it before, because it has always been the city's boom or bust.

And suddenly there it was. "If you start tranzalyaskanskaga gas pipeline project, the city has come a flood from 3000 – 5000 dollars, which burned in the pockets of holes, beautiful women arrived from New York and Florida, and Oklahoma and Texas come welders and builders, South American and Irish immigrants came to pick up the check and everything from secretaries and teachers, prostitutes and pimps came to seek his fortune.

Fairbanks never seen such activity after the hall of gold at the end of the 1800s! During the year, the population has doubled to 40 000 people, and the gas pipeline project has transformed this sleepy city from Minsk in a bustling metropolis. Unfortunately, along with the whole business came higher rents, more drugs and more crime.

Construction of the pipeline was extremely alyaskanskaga great feat, which took three years, more than 70 000 people and cost more than $ 8 billion. Engineer Bill Havt said the organization – one of the biggest problems. "Getting all these materials, and the ability to withstand 10 000 people who work in the place where previously none worked.

And there was no infrastructure – this was a big deal. "For the contractors, they worked hard, but they are also strongly involved Bensan Diana commented." We used to joke that you could say, in a union who enters that drugs of choice they had. "I mean, it seemed that the operators were n & # 39; yanymi or commanders were KAKS-freaks, and workers – the bread."

Many tourists visiting Alaska, hoping to catch a bird's view of the massive Aleisk pipeline 800 miles, which runs through the purple mountains and ice blue, lit crimson sunsets or offset a brilliant blue sky, zig-zagingam upwards through the yellowed grass or linear coverage through frozen tundra. Customers can photograph the pipeline from several points of view along the designated road Richardson Styz and Dalton.

According to Richardson Highway you can stay on the freeway V 64.7 (pump station 12), the supports 216 V (fault Dan), supports V 243.5 and crossings over the river Tanana to Protocol V 275.4. On the lookout Steese Highway, visitors can go to the gas pipeline or check the information booth at the "point of view, the Trans-Alaska", located on the protocol F 8.4, near Fairbanks, Alaska. Dalton along the highway, which is parallel to the pipeline, you can see the building from the station visitors BLM Yukon Crossing contacts at Milepost J 56, just over two hours from Fairbanks.