Alyaskanskaya legend

Alaska – a magical place. The glory of nature is best witness abroad a luxury motor yacht. There are a few surprises that are on the beach of Alaska, from the very best sunrises over the mountains to the calls remarkable, and every day there is a new Alaska.

yacht Alahanski

Alaska is preserved as much surprises and many remote places that the best way to learn it all over the yacht charter. In Juneau Glacier Mendenhol passes for 12 miles. Channel Saginaw – a great place to view the whales. Tenakee inlet on live excellent sources Tenakee. For nature lovers, the mandatory visit to Tongaski national forest.

Not far from the Tenakee village has natural hot springs, and the village itself is fascinating for its old-fashioned cafes and friendly people. Sitka – one of the most beautiful and attractive cities in Alaska. She has an interesting culture with its Russian history and culture tlinitav. The city is known for its rich flora and fauna and a & # 39 it is an ideal place for hiking. Who interested in fishing, will find salmon, cod, halibut and Linga.

On the island of Baranof lives a massive waterfall and natural hot pool. Guests can view the whales, whales and humpback whales in the Strait of chat. Another great place for whale watching – this is Frederick Sound, where even a colony of sea lions and fisheries. Sawyer-glacier – is another fascinating place to visit. Tracy Arm rich wildlife, including moose, mountain goats and even brown bears.

There are so many different possibilities that can be represented in Alaska, the only way you can enjoy all.

Alyaskanskaya legend

M / Y Alaskan Legend – a great way to travel to Alaska. This beautiful motor yacht length of 25.91 meters was built in 1970 in the court of Aneta. Yacht Design was made by Donald Hudson. The yacht has been updated and renovated in 2007 to give it a more modern look and to improve its characteristics. He currently has a range of up to 5,000 nautical miles at 10 knots.

Alyaskanskaya legend has long been a popular boat for rent in the waters of Alaska. It was beautifully decorated and can accommodate eight guests in its luxurious rooms. The Alaskan Legend has three rooms doubles and one twin cabin. There are four members of the crew can be accommodated.

M / Y Alaskan Legend is perfect for cruises in alyaskanskih waters due to robust design and marahodnastsi. It is designed so that it can work even in the harsh conditions of the outside & # 39; I'm in Alaska.

Alaska – a great place in which guests have a lot of surprises. For such places will only work boat, similar to the Alaskan Legend. Beautiful design yachts, as well as its comfortable and modern staterooms ensure that vacation to Alaska at a party will be special.