Big Game Fishing in the waters of Alaska for the lucky few

Alaska adventures

With the fall of the anchor and the click of the wrist begins letting go fishing in the waters of Alaska.

Passionate fishermen say that this experience makes a once in a lifetime adventure – from shrimp and crabs to reel in salmon and halibut.

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Fishing in Alaska waters for fish such as "big game" creates a different type of holiday – fun, exciting and incredibly tasty. Healthy fish, including salmon weighing 25 to 80 pounds of halibut from the chickens to 15 pounds to the door of the barn shed more than 250 pounds, which requires two struggling adult males to zlamitstsa the boat. Halibut 250 pounds to 175 pounds of dressed edible fish.

Alaska Tides and rotten fish

While fishing in Alaskan waters to watch for a change in the tide. Average tide in Alaska stretches 15 feet for a change of tide. If the amount of water supplied to it, or leaving, the current is amplified in narrow spots to 8 knots (almost 10 km / h). Fish do not like to hunt for food in the strong current. Thus, an hour before low tide and a half hours after the tide – one of the best times for fishing in this unique place. During the current minimum fish goes fishing, herring, and other folk songs, which are so much in the cold waters of alyaskanskih.

Experienced captains sent fishermen looking for adventure, about three miles from the coast in the Pacific Ocean. For a good reason: salmon – a salted fish, and this place has the best food. If salmon closer to fresh water (where they spawn and eventually die), they begin to deteriorate and literally rot. This is not a pretty sight, and the quality of meat greatly decreases depending on how long the salmon is fresh water.

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Catching silver or pink, your tour guide will bleed, the blood did not affect the quality of the final product. Guides put salmon roomy tank with chilled water and ice. All the fish fillets and cut into food, but vacuum-packed and frozen to 10 degrees below zero.

Thrill fresh fish and decorations

For an exciting and delicious experience, nothing beats fishing at hunting hunting in Alaska. In addition to fun on the catch and tasty treat, you can see some of the most beautiful natural coastlines, glaciers, wildlife, whales, waterfalls and hot springs.