Oil drilling in Alaska

Arctic National Wildlife array (ANWR) was created in 1960 to protect the "unique wildlife, wilderness and recreational values" area. This area has grown from 1960 and today ANWR covers nearly 20 million acres, roughly the size of South Carolina. In March 2006, the US Senate passed a budget resolution in 2007, which included the lease […]

William Scarborough Baked Alaska

William Skarbar decided to read a novel by Larry McMurtry, that he could write a book as well. While he admits that his first term was much easier said than done, he did it that way. First he took graduate classes in graduate school. For 12 years, he decided to become an author, he has […]

How to cook a baked Alaska

Thin layers of ice cream separated by Graham crackers and fresh cream sauce, you can also add Bengali units for a little drama. Collect the desert before, and before the start of the assembly be sure to clean the place in the freezer. This recipe can easily be cut in half, just bake a brownie […]

Alaska will leave Unlike the FMLA

Leave Act in the family & # 39; and Alaska (AFLA) covers laws on vacation in Alaska, which affect only public sector employees, except for: those who are not subject to the law on public service, those who are on the state election office, the members of apparatus elected officials, those who appoint the elected […]

Alyaskanskaya legend

Alaska – a magical place. The glory of nature is best witness abroad a luxury motor yacht. There are a few surprises that are on the beach of Alaska, from the very best sunrises over the mountains to the calls remarkable, and every day there is a new Alaska. yacht Alahanski Alaska is preserved as […]