hunting guide in Alaska

[ad_1] Sabac WHAT AND WHERE: Alaska – a hunter's paradise. Hunting here can provide a full range of experiences – from the Caribbean to deer and elk, and gnawed by brown bears to wolves from the sheep and mountain goats Dahl to mask, from waterfowl to the knights and several species of grouse. Diverse Alaska […]

Crab fishing in Alaska – Fishing on wealth

[ad_1] No, this is not Bill Gates. This is not the diamond merchants of South Africa or the oil barons of Saudi Arabia. The most highly paid job in the world – fishing in Alaska. In the cold waters off the coast of Alaska home real fishing goldmine and crab fishing in Alaska, aptly dubbed […]

Rest in Alaska

[ad_1] Camping is always a good way to see the beautiful outdoors and enjoy the wildlife. Chugach State Park – the first park, which I have read, it is located in south-central Alaska, and is about half a million hectares. Southcentral Alaska contains extensive ocean coastline, rich in lakes, massive glaciers and ice fields. The […]