Laws Alaska car insurance and car insurance claims


Laws on automobile insurance to Alaska & # 39 are among the most stringent in the United States, and it is not lost for the citizens of the state. However severe these laws may seem, in the end, they are designed to ensure the safety of all road users. Thus, the purpose of these laws should not be punitive, but rather to ensure the security of citizens on the road in all cases. That is why each vehicle must be insured and insurance must be provided at the site of each accident in the state.

According to the requirements of auto insurance in Alaska, each driver must have an active policy of liability insurance all the time. This also applies to when the vehicle is operated on a street, highway or public property. The exception only of insurance claims – avtadarozhniki that do not require registration, and unregistered vehicles which do not work.

The minimum coverage required by the laws on insurance of motor vehicles Alaska, the highest in the country. Each driver must have a cover of at least 50 000 US dollars for the injury or death of any person, US $ 100 000 for the overall injury or death per accident and US $ 25 000 for the damage. Rates are set at a high level in order to minimize the number of lawsuits that usually accompany the accident.

As in most states, drivers are required to provide proof of insurance at a certain time. In Alaska, this includes any time when you are involved in an accident or at any time, if you are a police officer pulls and asks you to confirm insurance. Failure to provide adequate proof may result in different penalties depending on the driving history.

According to the requirements of auto insurance in Alaska, the failure of insurance proof may result in immediate suspension of the driver's license action and suspension of the period may Var & # 39; iravatstsa from 90 days to 12 months, depending on appointment. The more time you give out liability insurance for motor vehicles, or violation of the IPP, the longer the suspension.

Along with the suspension of the license, drivers can also be fined for violations of the Earth. The first violation a fine equivalent to US $ 500, and any subsequent violation can include fines of up to $ 1,000 or six-month suspension of the driving license or both. As in other areas of legislation on Alaska's insurance, penalties especially hard to ensure the safety of all road users.

According to the law on auto insurance in Alaska, new car owners in arrears, should also have full insurance. full coverage insurance is also required on all rental cars. If you do not have collision coverage on rental car, your insurance company is obliged to offer it to mitigate any physical damage to the vehicle.

Alaska does not take lightly the idea of ​​car insurance, and you should not be the driver. Thus, in your best interest to ensure that you are covered by any events. You do not have to risk their lives or the lives of other drivers. Put safety first with a complete plan of the auto insurance for complete peace of mind.


Alaska – not only a tourist destination for summer holidays


Alaska blessed stunning scenery: snow-capped mountains and beautiful lakes and the coast. Alaska – it is a paradise for travelers, adventure. You will have many suggestions for living outdoors in Alaska: kayaking in the fjords and lakes, hiking through valleys and mountains, wildlife viewing inevitable in joyful looks big brown bears, eagles and rich marine life of whales and seabirds.

Alaska is called "The Final Frontier", "Land of the Midnight Sun", "The Great Land" – all names for valid reasons. Alaska – it's really exotic and wild land – and at the same time offers all the necessary amenities for visitors all year round.

The capital of Alaska, Ankorizh with & # 39 is the natural starting point for your experience in Alaska. On the site you will find several relevant information about the area as a tourist destination.

Anchorage has a mild climate in the southern part of the country due to the influence of the sea, while many parts of Alaska have a continental climate with much larger differences between winter and summer.

In Anchorage you will find first class hotels, as well as many other hotels of a more modest price. Or you may like to offer breakfast and lunch. Leaving Ankorizh, you can find a very charming resorts and cabins.

As a country with a fairly tuflivym past Alaska is home to a number of interesting resorts that reveal past conditions and history, for example, historical accessories, cozy cabins, mountain chalets and houses, not to mention the fishing home. You can also find a comfortable motel.

When hiking, biking or driving a car camping easily at many campgrounds and even designed in the cockpits of the general public, yurts or just beautiful countryside. Do not forget to bring a remedy for insects, a compass and a good map.

Option fishing in Alaska – it is its own chapter. In the spectacular environment of Alaska – the dream of the angler. Rivers, lakes and oceans of Alaska bombarded with large rainbow trout, salmon, Arctic charms and ornaments huge halibut.

It is easy to understand why the fishermen go far to catch a sporting fish of Alaska. Alaska holds the world record king salmon and live five species of Pacific salmon. What more could you ask for, if you are a dedicated angler? As already mentioned, fishing lodges, cabins and resorts are often conveniently placed for fishing.

If you are working with a limited schedule of urgent service, you will be able to take advantage of incredibly beautiful streams and lakes. Some offer local guides to facilitate fishing for salmon, bowl, pike, grayling, whitefish and shefisha.

As mentioned earlier, Alaska is not only for summer vacations. Even the middle of winter – the perfect time to visit Alaska. For example, parts of Alaska excellent for skiing in the winter. Ski resort is proposed seven hours of daylight for skiing in December in December, but then offered the equipment for night skiing. Because of the northern location of skiing in April will increase the daily 16 days for skiing.

Overall, Alaska – a wonderful tourist destination that will not disappoint you both for your summer vacation, and for adventurous journeys, with a focus on winter activities and observation of wildlife throughout the year.


Passion for Ice Cream in Alaska


Alyaskane eat a lot of ice cream. Several of & # 39; associations that monitor like, put his signature to this fact. Records show that Alaska consume more ice cream than any other state in the US. Records also show that the average American with a & # 39; eats about 4 liters of ice cream per year and that Alyaskinshchyki eat a little more than average. This can add a lot of ice cream. It is rumored that Alaska Recording can even include the entire world, but so far there is no evidence of this.

Now do not think that will have any Alyaskan ice cream. Alaskans eat ice cream all year, never tiring of it and are willing to pay for the good things. They are quite fastidious people. About 15 years ago the famous American ice cream chain ceased its operation in the city of Fairbanks, Alaska. Someone did not look at the small town alyaskanski (small then), since they were so specific about their ice cream. They must think that Alyaskane desperately want to get all that you can. Probably & # 39; name & # 39; In the winter of the world brand would guarantee them a good business in the 50 – 70 below 0. They sure could benefit from the leadership of the business Alyaskanskim round. They were told that the only name for alyaskantsav does not mean anything. They are waiting for the equivalent quality, they are waiting for him with all their goods and services.

Alaskans and those who later in life decided to live there, as a whole – rough and tough bunch, because most of Alaska's roughly lives. To balance all its pristine beauty and grandeur is the life of the complexities of the "last frontier", which you can imagine, if no one is living there for some time; at least a good couple of harsh winters and summers. In many areas, people of Alaska have to create their own benefits. Hard work – that's an understatement most of the time, and very little free benefits. In short, Alaska work hard and expect that they will reach their dollars. This quality or they simply go without apology.

Another growing American ice cream chain opened for the first time in Alaska a few years ago. They also engaged in delight good ice cream in Alaska. This team had a couple advantages. Wife was born and raised in Alaska. She knew that like Alyaskanam. Taking the fact that Alaska is called the lower 48, they are absolutely arehavali ice cream, which they bought in the new store ice cream and yogurt premium. That's not a franchise, but they believed that it would work in Alaska. They also knew that they could not take any shortcuts, if you want to succeed. After investigation, they had to convince the company that they will not weld & # 39; yatseli what Alaska really loved ice cream. While they did not show them statistics on the consumption of ice cream in Alaska, they began sur & # 39; ozna refers to a pair of the franchise company. It took about five years, but they opened their first shop in Anchorage. It was hard work, but the assumption is paid off better than expected, and spread to the Kenai Peninsula is only a couple of months ago.

The difference? Ice cream was good quality ice cream with no short cuts. Another not so strange part of this new network of ice-cream – it Var & # 39; Jacek high prices, which, incidentally, still alyaskantsy were willing to pay. Hey, if you like Alyaskantsav, it should be good.


Alaska – best flight places on fishing


Alaska is well known worldwide for its excellent fly fishing. Thus it is not surprising that every year anglers flock to the border of the state to catch a piece of the action. But once you have decided to make a fishing trip to Alaska, where you need to go to find the best opportunities to hunt on the fly? Depending on what part of the state you visit, you can select the countless options.

To make it easier to choose a place for fishing, check out the main places for fishing in Alaska.

river Chylkat

Chylkat River, located in the south-east of the state, with the & # 39 is a great place to fly fishing. All five species of salmon alaskinskaga circulated Chylkatse, including silver, red and royal salmon. Shares are also available varden, trout and trout. This area also serves as an important habitat of the bald eagle, so together you can be fishermen Eagles. Chilkat River is a river near Skagway and Haines, so you can use any city as a base for fishing.

Susitna river

It passes through the mountain ranges of south-central Alaska, river Suzitna – another great place to fly fishing. Some of the fish species that are in Sustsine include rainbow trout, all kinds of Pacific salmon (eg, royal, red and silver), arctic grayling and share varden. Sustyna near Ankorizh, so that you can settle in, and then make the trip by plane from there to the river.

Ken river

To date, the most famous river in Alaska Ken known for spectacular fishing – and for one species of fish, such as salmon royal. Ken River is located in south-central Alaska, and runs from the lake to Ken Cook. In this area you can find salmon, rainbow trout and salmon red. Fishing in marine salmon – the most popular view of the river, and for good reason. Most of the largest recorded kings were caught in the river Ken. By the river is easily accessible by car, and there are few cities that can be used as a base.

Lake sheets Kah

In the southeast Alaska lies Lake Kah Lists, which literally means "when fishing." Letters Kah is well known for fishing, especially for fishing in Alaska. In a letter to Kakha common carriage, rainbow trout and share varden. Other available species – red and silver salmon. River more remote, so you need to be under the & # 39; go to it float. You can also rent a cabin on the lake Forest Service for longer fishing.

river Kasilaf

Kasilaf River, located in the south-central part of the state, with the & # 39 is another place for fishing. In Kasilafe you can find a lot of the same species of fish that are in the Ken River, Kasilof River but in a much more relaxed atmosphere would be less tight. The more popular fish species – the red salmon, steel trout, salmon, and silver. By Kasilafa can be reached by car, so you can use any number of alyaskanskih cities as a base.

Alaska are so many great places for hunting on the fly, that these places only touched the top of the iceberg. The final frontier is huge and the fish is ready to meet. Wherever you go fishing in Alaska, it's really strange impression. Happy fishing!


Baked Alaska scallops for dinner


There are many scallop recipes that you can find in their cookbooks and on the Internet that are easy to make and look like they will be tasty, but it is difficult to find a recipe zapyakanay scallop, which is also easy to prepare. For this recipe you will need a few simple ingredients, and you will in no time to bake delicious scallops for dinner. You want to be sure that you get to Alaska scallops for the recipe, because it's the best type of comb for this recipe.

Your simple ingredients include four tablespoons of melted butter, 1 ½ kilos of scallops, half a cup seasoned dry bread crumbs, 1 teaspoon onion powder 1 teaspoon garlic powder ½ teaspoon paprika and another ½ dried parsley, three cloves of minced garlic and ¼ cup grated parmesan cheese. Before cooking or preparation ingredients should preheat oven to 400 degrees so that it can start to heat up during cooking scallops.

All you need to do to prepare scallops is pour the oil into a vessel with an oval casserole and put the scallops evenly into the dish with butter. Mix all your crumbs, onion, onion, paprika, parsley, crushed garlic and cheese. Then take the mixture and cover it scallops. After scallops completely covered with a mixture of spices and cheese, you can put all of the casserole dish in the oven to begin baking.

You will need to bake the scallops for about 20 minutes to be sure that they will do anything. If you are not sure what to do at the end of 20 minutes, just make sure they are solid. Once the scallops are firm, you can get them and serve guests! Some prefer to make a recipe with spaghetti noodles, filed under the scallops food to be more intense.

Your guests will enjoy the baked scallops Alaska and having fun with & # 39; there is something a little different and unique at the dinner. In addition, the entire recipe takes about 50 minutes to cook and cook, so you do not need to strain on a hot kitchen for hours before all arrive.


10 exciting places to visit in Alaska


By area of ​​Alaska to date with the & # 39; is the largest state in the United States. The state is well known for its deserts and arctic regions, but also contains a lot of tourist attractions.

Here are some interesting places to visit during your next trip to Alaska:

1. Heritage Museum Alaska (Anchorage): a museum dedicated to aviation legacy of Alaska, which houses 21 vintage aircraft.

2. Alaska Zoo (in Ankorizhy): at the zoo big collection of birds and animals in the zoo contains animals that are native to the state, as well as more exotic creatures such as tigers and elephants.

3. Museum of History and Art Anchorage (Anchorage): a world-class museum that preserves and exhibits the history and art of the state.

4. Elmendorfskaya State incubation (in Ankorizhy) is controlled by the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, the state hatchery produces salmon and trout for sport fishing and offers a sightseeing area.

5. H2Oasis (on Ankorizh): do you think Alaska is too cold for a swim? Think again! H2Oasis – this indoor water park, which presents rides, a wave pool, water vessel, a 150-foot bitter.

6. Imaginarium (in Ankorizh): practical training center, where you can learn the fun of science, doing science.

7. Trolley Company "Juno" (in June) offers a narrated tour of the center of Juneau, stopping at 13 locations.

8. Mount Robert Tram (in Juneau): aerial tram road that goes from the docks to a height of 1,800 feet. At the top of the tram is restaurant, theater and nature center, as well as shops and hiking trails.

9. Pioneers Park (in Fairbanks): formerly known as "Alyaskalend" Pioneers Park – amusement park in 44 acres, which celebrates the history of Alaska.

10. The Russian Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas (in June): the impressive Russian Orthodox Church, built in 1894 and has since enjoyed continuously. The church has a large golden dome, and also offers a gift shop.


Gamder – Breakfast Homer – Alaska


Homer, Alaska, with & # 39 is home to the beautiful tavern, Chocolate Drop Inn, with a majestic view of the kachamak
Gulf massif Ken and four glaciers, along with "Chocolate Hills". Built in 1993, Hotel Chocolate Drop is a tavern at 8000 square feet with 5 guest rooms and family rooms, which includes its own bath and a & # 39; drive, with queen beds, TV and phones. In addition, the hotel offers a lounge, hot tub and sauna, as well as luxury breakfast with fresh seafood from the Gulf.

To work around colorful Homer, Alaska, jeeps «R» Us Car Rental are located in the terminal Homer airport and specializes in cars with 4 wheel drive.

While in Homer, enjoy one of the best fishing in Alaska halibut, salmon and trout. For bird watchers should visit during the week of 10-13 May 2007 kachamak Festival Bay. In this region extends over 100,000 shorebirds, representing more than 25 species from Asia, Hawaii and South America.

Homer has long been known rich species of birds that migrate through the area and create an attack of excitement for photographers around the world. Hundreds of species of sea birds and migrating waterfowl move through Homer annually providing amazing spectacles of flight, flash and color. Enjoy a day on the water with a guided tour with a guided tour and experience the first-hand why Kachemak Bay – a popular place for birds.

We recommend to carry a one-day suntan lotion, camera, binoculars, light rain, snacks, bottled water, gloves, hat and first aid kit on your tour of birds.

Enjoy your stay in the Chocolate Drop Inn.


Australian Insurance Alaska – your minimum liability


One thing that every driver in Alaska should know so far is that every driver always has the minimum coverage that is required by law before it can legally drive in the state. In any case, if you do not know, we consider that the state of Alaska requires a minimum liability coverage for each driver.

Firstly, we would need to determine the coverage of the liability.

Liability coverage refers to policy that protects you from financial responsibility for the accident in which you are guilty. State minimum liability cover asking, wants to protect other road users against possible malpractice.

The state of Alaska requires a minimum coverage of 50 000 dollars for bodily injury per person. Also provided coverage minimum liability 100 000 dollars for bodily injury per accident. Protection of injuries here refer to the costs associated with medical expenses, funeral expenses, loss of income, etc. because of an accident in which you were at fault.

Alaska also requires minimum coverage of 25 000 dollars for the property damaged in the accident.

You would have noticed that the coverage listed above do not give you any cover themselves or property. It is strongly recommended to obtain not only the required state minimum, as this may not be enough. You should be well covered for themselves and their property, as well as liability coverage should be sufficient to handle the obligations that exceed the state minimum. As you know, people lost their homes, savings and more just because they did not have enough coverage to meet the obligations arising in the form of court fees, court costs and other damages.

We know that car insurance can be expensive, so we will try to find a way to help drivers in Alaska to find affordable insurance auto insurance. Is it possible? Yes!

The simplest thing you can do is to ask your insurance agent about discounts that you may qualify to reduce tariffs. There are a number of discounts that allow you to get in the end very significant savings. Getting affordable auto insurance begins with the time to compare quotes fast car insurance. By comparing the quotes, you can find and access the most affordable insurance policy.

Do not forget to ask your agent about available discounts. You can also contact the Alaska Department of Insurance to the number 907 465-2515 for more information that will help you get the most out of the car insurance.

Do not forget to get and compare prices are now free.


Cruises along Alaska glacier


One of the main attractions alaskinskih cruises & # 39 is the study of glaciers. North Pacific current well known glaciers overkill. Several people zamovlyayuts currently glacier cruises off the coast of Alaska. Glacier cruises create their own routes around the seas, rich glacier.

Cruises on Alyaskavym glacier is also called the cruise of the Gulf of Alaska. They can be either south or north, but they have a one-way route. Unlike cruises Alaska Inside Passage, they do not have two-way traffic, since ships do not take a turn and cast no passengers on their starting point. Thus, at the time of booking to cruise Alaska passengers must establish trucks from two different places – for the move and to return.

Cruises on the north Gulf of Alaska starting in Vancouver. They travel to the north and passes through the inner passage, stopping at Seward or Witz. Cruises on the south of the Gulf of Alaska are on the way back; they start at Seward or Vitse and stop in Vancouver, passes through the inner passage. Where however the landing place, the passengers or fly or train cars to Anchorage.

Ice cruiser in Alaska do not miss anything that offers a cruise "Inside Passage". In fact, they get to see fascinating College Fjord, which is considered outside the glacier. The ship also brings the cruiser to all ports, which offer cruises "Inside Passage", such as Juneau, Ketchykan, Sitka National park "Glacier Bay", "Skagway", Hubbard Glacier and Hines. Cruise can last from 8 to 10 days, and perhaps to a crescent.

Lifting time to observe the glacier – March-October in Alaska, as it becomes too cold then the sea. Sometimes people have booked about three months in advance due to the immense popularity of these cruises. Not only tourists, but also experts from the glaciers and geologists zamovlyayuts these cruises. The extent of the glacier exploration during a cruise can be determined in advance.

Cruise over the weekend among the glaciers in Alaska can cost about $ 3,500, depending on the cruise and the season.


Alaska fishing lodge – Fishing RW & Big Eddy Resort


Ken river – one of the best fishing in Alaska, offers excellent scenery and an excellent variety of fish. Here you can find a fishing lodge Alaska that suits your travel plan. Resort RW & Big Eddy Resort, located in Soldotna, Alaska, has for you great opportunities for fishing. Big fish waiting for this fishing lodge in Alaska for most of the year.

King, a silver and red salmon are at this point of Ken river from May to July. This is the same place in which was caught a new world record King, weighing in at 97 pounds! You can expect some pretty big catches, and kings ranging from 45 to 85 pounds. In addition, you can enjoy the Coho in late July.

If you want to try the halibut fishing, the RW & # 39; s Fishing & Big Eddy Resort should become a place to stay. The months from May to September, offers exciting fishing turbot in salt water on the Kenai Peninsula. Plan your day and try fishing in the Kasilof River River, which is a few miles from the fishing and resort Big Eddy. Traveling on the floats on the river desert can offer excellent conditions for the connection of these kings and reds.

To get to the fishing and resort Big Eddy Resort RW quite easily. Once in Ankorizh, you have the opportunity to make a 30-minute flight to Ken or rent a car and drive. The disc itself would guard time, because you will see some key sets, such as the Kenai National shelter and portable glacier. A lot of chances to take those shots that you can take with you and share with family & # 39; It and friends.

Once in the RW & Fishing & Big Eddy Resort, you will find two bedrooms, one bathroom apartment, which is fully equipped. There are full kitchens, which include a kitchen, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave and toaster. The apartments and, of course, the TV has even pots and pans. These apartments make it an experience that is similar to the life in this area of ​​Alaska. If you like to take on your flight, it is also a good fishing lodge Alaska, which you can choose, as they have a parking area for the wheels.

As well as apartments, your holiday package also comes fully equipped. All your fishing equipment is available, the available guides and boats, boat launch, fish processing and a private bank of the river, if you want to try a few hours fishing on the shore. Fishing RW & Big Eddy Resort also has a laundry room, fire pit and barbecue. All numbers that you need can be found in RW & # 39; s Fishing & Big Eddy Resort.