Environmental reasons not to drill in Alaska


The debate as to whether or not to lower the drilling in Alaska, was a political
hot potato for decades. While living here is one of the largest oil fields in
country, there are also a huge number of lives protected wildlife .
With the energy crisis in the late 70's and early discussions between political groups and
Alaska citizens through drilling in Alaska were conducted at a high temperature. The
the recent surge in fuel prices has brought this question more and more US citizens
attention. We are constantly looking for other places to get our fuel and
Alaska – our own back yard! However, wildlife confronts a great dilemma
us. Many are opposed to drilling in Alaska for environmental reasons
legitimate reason for their anxiety.

The main problem among Alaska Natives is that drilling on the bank will
eventually lead to the exploration of the coast. The natives from Alaska concerned
that any drilling on the shore will disrupt whale migration to Alaska.
Whales bows – an important part of their culture, lifestyle and nutrition. The
The Government of Canada is concerned that any oil development could disturb her
Migration patterns porcupine caribou herd. This is an obvious problem
because the United States and Canada in 1987 signed an agreement, outlined
protection and preservation for flocks and their migration routes.
In addition, there are other animals at home and habits that will be affected
drilling. Birds, fish and polar bears – the list goes on. scientists believe
it would upset the entire natural chain in the region, which could lead to
aversion to the native people and their culture.

Many scientists also believe that the development of the industry in this touches
The area of ​​the world will have a very negative impact on the cultural survival
the local population, which has survived and flourished in Alaska so far.
Abstracts communities largely rely on wildlife and the natural environment
Alaska for their survival and existence. The indigenous population of Alaska
fear of the oil spill to contaminate them again waterways and cause irreversible damage
its beautiful pristine home. In addition, for many indigenous people
People in most parts of Alaska are considered to be sacred ground. This means that we would be
blocking not only the wildlife and culture, but also the religious part of their lives

Scientists also worry about the impact of technology on oil
climate and tundra. It is noted that regardless of the fact that no drilling of the & # 39 is
Currently taking place in certain areas, the impact of global warming
alone create great change. At present, the efficiency of NO
Industry elsewhere melts pladniki, raises the temperature and increases
pollution in Alaska already. Many are concerned about the strong effect
local drilling will have on it and without disturbing questions.

Many environmentalists and scientists also point out that the drilling in Alaska
would only further delay our inevitable need to focus on alternative energy
sources. Many people think that, rather than to disrupt nature in Alaska, we
should spend more time in the laboratory, developing ways to heat our homes and power
our machines, other than oil. The amount of oil in Alaska stocks are very high
It discussed, but it is minimal at best and will not lead to infinity and dovgastsi
Supply, however, the consequences of our exploration and drilling efforts will
long and constant, unlike fuel source .. Scientists have raised the question that
we must invest in research and conversion to alternative fuel method
you invest in a temporary solution that has the potential for other
ecological problems.


Russian mail order bride in Alaska – Can foreign bride to solve the lack of women in Alaska?


Legend has it that in Alaska shortage of available women – absolute demographic fact, but ironically, just across the Bering Strait, there are many hot Russian bride, who are looking for husbands foreigners, because in Russia actually have a lack of available men.

According to the 2000 population census, there were 114 single alyaskanskih men for every 100 women alyaskanskih, but these numbers are actually very funny because Alaska has become the home of a large thriving lesbian community. Thus, the facts alyaskanskaga lonely man is actually worse than the figures show. Lack of available single women so badly that it was the subject of many bad jokes: What do you call a beautiful woman Juneau? Tourist!

The problem for the Russian women, no matter how attractive a & # 39; is, lies in the fact that men tend to die young from drinking at a scale that is hard to imagine. Until recently it was assumed that they drank a little more than twice as much as men from the US or the EU. However, some British researchers believe that the difference was sufficient to explain the much higher alcohol poisoning and liver failure indicators, until they realized that many Russian men also consume large amounts of alcohol in the form of commercial items such as cologne, antifreeze. and household cleaners.

Thus, it is not surprising that the average life expectancy of Russian men is only about 58 years, and many men are already suffering from health problems associated with alcohol before 40 years to achieve. Worst of all, n & # 39; Janka, which has really become a huge problem just after the fall of the Soviet Union also led to an explosion of domestic violence, and it is the main factor that causes women from Russia and many other regions of Eastern Europe to sign up as a bride by mail.

Thus, it appears that Russian women are looking for men and alyaskanskiya men who are looking for wives, would have been a match made in heaven.

First, the standard of living in Alaska is much higher than in Alaska, and most alyaskanskih men can support his wife in the style of which the majority of Russian women simply do not dream.

Secondly, in Russia there are many women with a population of over 140 million, which is easy to meet the needs of men in Alaska, and that's not even taking into account the women of the Ukrainian and other Eastern European countries.

Third, alyaskanskae out & # 39; e is not scare Russian girl or any woman from Eastern Europe. Even Crimea could very cold winter.

Fourthly, many women hot enough to melt the permafrost. In general, women are old Soviet bloc obsessed with beauty and fitness facilities, and even an ordinary girl in Moscow or Kiev pagorne head in Fairbanks.

So why alyaskanskih men did not pursue the bride mail from Russia and other Eastern European countries. Probably the main reason is that they do not really understand how the current international dating industry. They're probably worried that they cheated, but today bride industry is extremely concerned mail order scams. Men who enjoy a good agency and some good feelings probably do not have a better chance of being cheated than any man, when he meets a beautiful girl somewhere, maybe even less. Indeed, alyaskanskiya single men and beautiful Russian bride really look like a match made in heaven.


Fishing in Alaska Halibut – new rules that devastate many in the business related to the Alaska Halibut


The new permit system provides for the elimination of 38% of enterprises operating in the territory of Alaska halibut in early 2011

According to the new permit system, announced the National Administration Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in January 2010, for all flight boats in Alaska in Chernobyl charters will need to have a new limited entry permit to legally fish halibut, starting with the 2011 season .

To obtain a permit, companies will have to prove that they have made at least five flights on halibut in three random years – 2004, 2005 and 2008. Those who can not show that use in the years to be out of luck.

NOAA said that the new rules are necessary to limit the number of charter fishing boats, deprived of fishing. However, based on the report IPHC in 2009, the harvest of the fishing industry in Alaska halibut to 8.7 million pounds is less than 13% of the total harvest of halibut; for comparison, the commercial fishing industry halibut collected 51.2 million pounds and was 76% of the total catch of halibut in 2009.

New rules NOAA significant impact on the industry charter boats. Opponents of the rules say that the rules – this American and anti-free enterprise. Bob Howard, the owner-operator Charter "Nymphs of the Sea", complaining that the rules "are contrary to the American system of free enterprise. It's just that if in 2004 or 2005 and 2008, you do not run a restaurant, you do not work."

Howard was not engaged in fishing in 2004 or 2005, because he invested 100,000 dollars in modernizing its 32-futovay sea nymph, so he could not get permission. If Howard wants to continue the work, he will be forced to buy a transfer permit. Several solutions are sold both on Craigslist, and at the SE Alaska Guides Organisation $ 100 000 or more.

A number of fishing Alaska expert commented that, making resolution transmission, they have created a breeze for those who were in the "right place at the right time" and was determined on the basis of randomly selected years of operation. Captain halibut, who is preparing for retirement, most likely received a substantial bonus for retirement as a result of the market development of this program.

In any case, it is clear that the new rules significantly change the halibut charter industry by reducing competition, and, according to the 259-page report on the environmental impact assessment, and he will deliver almost 4 business headed to Alaska from 10 out of the business. . 327 enterprises in the regions 3A and 2C are not forecasted for permits, and 527 companies receive permission.

For more information about the new charter program for the fishing permits in Alaska can be found on the NOAA website.


My Fair Alaska


I grew up in Alaska. The first 19 years I spent on the lake in a broad Arctic haven for wildlife. Where my parents lived, 4 brothers and sisters, there were no other people, no running water and electricity. It was a cruel and difficult life, we fished and processed fur animals for the meager income, hunted moose and caribou meat and hides, wood cut, drilled azyartsovy ice water, and life in the Alaskan wilderness was difficult. The journey was a primitive snowshoeing and dog dragged malamutes and wolf hybrid dog. We had two facilities with an engine, a small chainsaw and snowmobile, but they are hardly as to rent an airplane for the importation of gasoline was expensive. I learned a lot in these 19 years, the survival of the art itself, but I also learned another, no less important.

How to have fun this way of life.

Sledge were our playmates, we learned to swim in the lake, there was no such thing as text messages, we talked a pencil and paper, waiting for months before getting an answer, because the mail came by plane just once or twice a year. Visit the city was for us a pleasure, especially when my family & # 39; I went to Minnesota to visit dad mother, grandmother. It was in 1981, and 9-year-old boy to fly an airplane, ride on the SUV on the highway, there is the restaurant, drink soda was a pretty big adventure.

I departed this life in 1991, at the age of 19 years. Now I am a different way of life, I drive a car, work, pass the text on your mobile phone and travel. I love to travel. But I still remember his life in Alaska country, about growing up. My parents are gone, victims of the disease, but what they taught me, I will never forget. Now I have a small plane, and every chance I get, I go back, tweak our little old cabin and experience the impressions with which I grew up. I will never forget the beautiful country, freedom, hiking through the village, leaving the house in the autumn night, and bedding with one of the dogs wolves to look at the stars. It really feels and lives Alaska. And I will never forget the grandeur and elegance of this magnificent state.


Gay bar in Alaska


Juneau with & # 39 is the capital of Alaska, and is approximately 600 miles from the other major cities in Alaska. There are no roads into Juneau and without it, but almost all of them available in Alaska flowering companies with charter planes.

This type of insulation is necessary on a cohesive entity with & # 39 is a trademark of Alaska, and it is the quality of the gay community here is considered to be the most enjoyable. In June you can take advantage of numerous gay bars in Alaska, as well as gay-lesbian Southeast Alaska. Juneau also & # 39 is the home of "LGBT Pride Horse", a respected and benevolent local theater company, with a large great joy. You will also feel at home in its numerous bars, as well as in numerous gay restaurants and taverns.

Anchorage – another gay-friendly alyaskanski city and is its largest city with a population of more than a quarter million people. The fortress is well known as a cultural mecca of Alaska, and it includes a considerable weight of theater, art and cultural centers in these very prominent gay community. Anchorage – no dazzling city, but it offers a feel good, that will make you very comfortable in its many gay bars in Alaska.

In Ankorizh you will definitely want to look into the mud bar Glacier, the famous gay bar in Alaska, which is known for its culture and cuisine lyambichnym beer. Cafe Sassafras – also known gay bar in Alaska, which offers a more intimate mood to relax with coffee, cocktails and free wireless internet.

While in Ankorizhy, read Cyrano theater company, where you can catch a show and go out there with a thriving gay community. After the exhibition, go to downtown to enjoy the amazing nightlife in gay bars in Alaska. Mad Myrna & # 39; s – one of the gay bars in Alaska, where the cabaret performances and hot and heavy dance floor. Something more male-oriented, the ravens, not far from Myrna & s.


Alaska Idytarod stirs controversy


Race in Alaska Idytarod, which is held every year in March, causing controversy over the treatment of dogs. This popular event, which is intended to honor the culture and heritage of Alaskan huskies that pull the sled down the mountain and hilly terrain. Mushyng was a means of travel on Alaska in the early years, when the team sled dogs pulled the sled with the driver on board.

The route taken for the race, based on the year of its run. Even years found routes run from Anchorage to Ruby. This northern route. In an unequal number of years, the route ran from Anchorage to Unalakleta, the southern route. The distance of the race is about 1200 miles and the longest sled dog race on.

Idytarod first held in 1973, and has been reported during this race died between 15 and 19 dogs. It is estimated that about 130 dogs were killed in the first days of the race, when there was no official count of the dead. Thus, the exact number of dogs killed in the early years is not known.

The last ten years have seen death as a result of suffocation in the evacuation, internal bleeding, liver injury, heart failure and pneumonia. In addition, the cause of death as part of the deterioration of the muscles and organs of dogs during extreme exercise. There were cases of riders to death dogs feet, hitting them with sharp objects and sorting the dogs through a dangerous deep water and ice.

During the dog races are spinal injuries, bone fractures, pain in the legs, torn muscles, aching joints, diarrhea and dehydration. About half of the dogs who start the race, can not get to the finish line.

When training dogs for the race it is reported that some dogs have suffered or died from the debilitating steps they pass. Training is conducted in remote areas of Alaska, and many dogs have to pull the extremely large loads. Voltage dragging these loads can cause injury to the hip and spine.

COSATU has also been criticized for the knock-out dogs. They are accused of the murder of any puppies or dogs that do not conform to a good race dogs.

Along the race track, there are about twenty check points with a veterinarian on duty to provide medical care to the dogs. These checkpoints serve as seating for the dogs and for cleaners. Dogs are fed and allow to rest at these checkpoints, and any dog ​​that is ill or has suffered, left the checkpoint.

Veterinarians who care for dogs in the checkpoints, protect the treated animals, saying the dogs, which are themselves dying, tells a lot of lies. They argue that the number of deaths of dogs is normal when you consider that you're talking about 1000 dogs, so three to five deaths out of 1,000 dogs are not out & # 39 are alarming figures. Nurseries, in which there are 1000 dogs may wait about 3 deaths in two weeks.

Almost all the goats with the & # 39 are members of several groups of animal care products which contribute to the responsible care and humane treatment of dogs. They say that the history of dogs and whip could not be further from the truth. They discover an exaggeration and causing an outcry from human rights activists.

Engines love their dogs, and argue that the Alaskan Husky & # 39; instinct is to run and pull the sleigh. That's what they were bred, as well as bird dogs who instinctively hunted birds. Laiki generations in Alaska used to pull sleds, so it's easy for them, whereas for some other dog breeds would be very difficult. What a walk one ton sled out of the impasse. Endurance with & # 39 is the strong point of the Huskies.

Thus, the battle between mushkerami and animal rights groups continues as the race itself. In the first race of the 1973 prize fund was 50 000 dollars. In the last race, this figure rose to about 500 000 dollars, and in March, as always, is scheduled for next year.


Ski vacations in Alaska


Alaska – the name itself evokes a feeling of mystery and piety. And it has some of the most remarkable points of the mountain in the world. The Alyeska Resort – one of the best resorts in Alaska – gets a whopping 631 inches of snow annually and has a vertical drop 2501 feet and a height of 2751 feet …

Amazingly, though Alaska offers some of the best downhill skiing in the world, but the slopes are generally not crowded – which is very similar to some other regions of the world, which offer skiing comparative scale. The resort Aleska you can not see the long linear lines, and you have 9 under the & # 39; lift – 2 ground lift, 6 lifts and cable cars. While most of the 68 tracks is designed for mid-level skiers, skiers of all levels – from beginners to highly qualified experts – can also go skiing.

One really interesting point of the resort – it is what you can ski at night … Night skiing is allowed there, and this means that skiing can be much more exciting compared to many other resorts, where it is prohibited. ..

Moreover – it is not only the glaciers and snow-capped mountains that can be seen at night, but also the famous Northern Lights. Only this should make the experience much more exciting! No wonder Magazine Skiing Magazine takes this resort very highly.

The ski season at the resort ALECSO

The ski season begins in mid-November and lasts until mid-April. In April, the duration of the day about sixteen hours, and in December the day is only about seven hours. This makes night skiing is not only bizarre, but also necessary.

Also good accommodation. Hotel Alyeska Prince – this is one place that you would like to check if you are particularly interesting for the elegant accommodation and excellent dining. You can also schedule visits to other places of nightlife nearby.

But skiing – not the only thing that can be offered. Helisking, sled dogs, watching the flight, riding on country skiing, rock climbing, watching polar bears and climbing – are other interesting events that you may want to check out.

If you are a person who really loves adventure and eager to experience each site in its natural form, is one thing that you may want – it does not visit the resort in the summer or spring and winter. You see Alaska as it really is!

The resort offers exciting activities for the whole family & # 39; and, as well as a really good attractions. This can be as good as you can get a ski vacation for the family & # 39; and!


Christmas – a unique celebration and tradition in Alaska, Africa and Australia!


Christmas – is an award event in many countries around the world. Here are the three countries, Alaska, Africa and Australia, all of them located in various regions of the world and each has its own unique traditions and holidays. Here are some of their fascinating traditions and celebrations.

Alaska – "Keeping the stars" – a traditional Christmas procession. Young and old carry exquisitely decorated mishurnyya wheel with eight points, usually as large as umbrellas. They highlighted the central way or angel, or den. They are carried for three nights from January 7th to icy snowy roads. The stars are the angels who announced the birth of Christ. Seven & # 39; and lovingly maintain the stars. Some over a hundred years!

Africa – In Africa, about 350 million Christians, celebrate Christmas. The emphasis is more on the religious celebration of the birth of Christ, and not on the donation. Although the most common gift (if not more) – a new dress that will be worn at a church service. People in many African countries, such as the Central African Republic (CAR), Uganda, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, think that it is obligatory to attend church on Christmas Day, even if they never visit the rest of the year. Annually, there are Christmas theatrical events, as well as kalyadachak group who sing carols near the villages.

Churches in Africa start intense preparations for Christmas many months before. No one escapes feeling yuletydy, as it was said that he felt that the whole country is preparing for the birth of the baby Jesus with a joyful and active community preparation! The streets come alive music, as well as on radio and television and that, wherever you looked! People are happy to visit their friends and relatives in the spirit of community celebration regardless of religious beliefs. Usually you can see the brightly painted and decorated trucks, cars and buses, as well as homes, schools, churches and neighborhoods often boasting creative festive displays made of maroon colored papers. Colorful and alive with joyous celebration with a & # 39 is Africa! Ancient and spectacular masquerades under the name "Agugu" are now playing an important role in Christmas celebrations. Usually, after service on the eve of Christmas is a joyous procession of dance and music in the streets, which lead local groups with dancing maskaraderami (usually young guys dressed in fancy and colorful costumes) and Christmas revelers. Users will be pleased with the big fancy lanterns, which are called "fanaly", usually in the form of houses or boats.

In Ghana Christmas dinner is not complete without fufu (a thick dough like food) and bamya soup and in Liberia rice, beef and biscuits – agenda. Zimbabwe make sure that there is plenty of bread, jam and coffee, to eat together with their prized goat meat, which is a & # 39 is their traditional Christmas hot. On the west coast of Africa, most homes have an oil palm for a Christmas tree.

Austria – St. Nicholas is widely honored and & # 39 is the day of his feast on 6 December. In Austria this holiday apart from Christmas. He appears in his traditional dress with a rolling coat and high-Bishop, who is a shepherd and a thick book. It is believed that good and bad deeds of children are recorded in his book! Once there was a tradition to arrange an elaborate ceremony on Christmas Eve where Christmas Eve, St. Nicholas and the feared Ruprecht (demonic creature that wears the skin is glowing eyes and a long red tongue). Children gather together and sing a hymn to greet the saint. Then the children take turns joining the saint at the family table, where he checks his lessons, and then asked to repeat the prayer, he said. It ends when the children kiss his episcopal ring, when he tells them to go to place shoes and look at them, when the clock strikes ten! Ruprecht stands over the door and watching every move kids! Before St. Nicholas leaves he blesses the children, as he sprayed them with holy water, and then gently and quickly dispatched. Then the children with great excitement hastened to flee to place shoes outside the house. When you hit ten children run out into the street to find their shoes filled with treats of apples and nuts!

Austria – predominantly Catholic country, the famous country music sound, and the birthplace of Mozart, Strauss and Schubert. The Christmas celebration includes "Opening Concert Series" in Innsbruck. It presents the family groups of singers and instrumentalists, similar to the famous "Something & # 39; nd Trapp" from "The Sound of Music." Another famous Christmas party – in Salzburg, where the hottest ticket of the season – "Salburger Adventsingen". This program Advent music and folklore, which began more than half a century ago. Every year they get more than 100 000 requests in the award-winning 30,000 tickets available for admission. The carp fish fed to conventional Christmas meal.

Austria is famous for its miniature paintings from the nursery. Practically in all seven & # 39; pits have nursery with miniature figurines holy something & # 39; and often includes several animals. Cracks are many hundreds of years, treasured heirlooms that are passed from generation to generation!

Holiday Vadohryshchanstva Austria – boys and girls on the day of the Epiphany (which remember the three wise men from the east who has recently sought the birth of Jesus) are dressed in oriental costumes and sing traditional songs. They move from house to house to give small gifts, including money. They carry a lantern, which is called "burning star of Bethlehem" to guide them on their way. Popularly see people kreydavali initials of the wise men "CMB" (Casper, Melchior, Balthasar) on dashchankah their doors!

Merry Krampus Day tradition in Austria – Salzburg 5 December known as Krampus Day. Krampus is considered to be an evil spirit. He usually wears a puhoe bag, wearing reindeer antlers, a mask with a long red tongue and bulging red eyes and carries a rod of birch. He plays on the street loud racket using huge pillows and brazgayuchyya chain when he shouts menacingly at visitors. Thousands, including many children, crowd the streets to watch the medieval event. Lots of laughter and cheerful smiles when children and adults see Krampus, they throw snow balls at this menacing figure. In the city every year, "Krampus Run" held a fun and much teasing, poking and laughter. It is said that the purpose of Krampus – remind children to be good!

Recently, in some communities Krampus actor has to wear a number so that they can identify them under the masks in the event of loss of control. It is known that some addicted after beating a few too many schnapps and beer. Large Austrian child psychiatrist in favor of a ban Krampus. He believes that he is "cheerful old fright" for children. However, there were few known cases of "Krampus trauma"!

Australia – Christmas falls in the middle of summer, and the heat can exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. People usually spend kebabs for main doors on Christmas Day, and often parks and beaches come to life when the family held a feast. On rare Christmas barbecue, which almost always follows the most popular desert of Australia, Christmas Day barbecue, which is almost always followed by Australia, you can find thongs, shorts, beer in hand and santa hat on the head chef (usually the father in the family & # 39; s). Pavlova ". It is as light and delicate as Anna Pavlova, the famous Russian ballerina, for which she was named.

Australian carols by candlelight – Australian Service carols on Christmas Eve in 1937, undertook a radio announcer Norman Banks. Notable performers gather to sing "Carols by Candlelight", which is held in Melbourne each year. A very popular annual event, which was broadcast across the country. Carols are performed on stage in front of a large audience, where thousands attend outdoors, holding lighted candles.

Beach visits Christmas in Australia – up to 40 thousand people during Christmas visit Bondi Beach in Sydney! In Australia, there comes the middle of summer, and with an increasing level of heat on the barbecue lunch on the beach and swimming is popular waiting for Santa to come by boat on Christmas day!


Kodyak adventure on an island in Alaska


Alaska Visitors who travel to the island Kodyyak, surprised to find a lot of exciting options for the desert that are available. Since then, as you go down to Kodiak, Alaska, you are surrounded by desert. Kodiak most marked by a large number of brown bears Kodiak bears. Polar bears are considered marine animals and only they are larger. If you visit the Kodiak, you will have not only a great opportunity to see the brown bears in the wild, but several different species of whales, including Khabakov and orcs. The island also has a huge population of deer Sitka black fox, bald eagles, otters and many others too numerous to mention.

If fishing – it's your hobby, is not where fishing is better or more varied than on Kodiak. Steelhead and Rainbow Trout are often found in many streams and seasonally divided the waters annually from Chinook, Pink, Coho and Chum Salmon. If you Stamitz fishing, you can move to salt water for halibut the size of the door, Cupid and all kinds of salmon. And to make your options more attractive crabs and abundant throughout the island. Refer to the fish and wildlife in Alaska for a permit for deep-sea fishing to catch king crab, Dungeness and Taner. All are rich in crabs around Kodiak and can be caught in season with a license for recreational fishing.

If you are an athlete and are looking for the opportunity to try a variety of desert, this is the most widespread and the best thing I advise you to visit the island Kadyyak and local villagers of the island! Kodiak has a road system, which covers more than 100 miles. People who want to get more adventurous flights or charter a boat around the island to update your account.

Do not forget to think about the island Kodyyak if your adventurous spirit will begin to wander. Kodiak – the main place for adventure in the desert.


Overview Cruise ship – 7 night cruise on the Alaska vision on cruise ships


Looking for an exciting cruise and beauty of life? Maybe you should check the cruise ship Vision of the Seas Royal Caribbean and go on a cruise of Alaska that you will never forget. Why Alaska?

Well, if you've already been everywhere, Alaska – a change of scenery, and it's not as hot as other cruises with all the humidity. Plus rare climate rarely have outbreaks, and therefore safer.

If you go on a cruise ship, it is not necessary to go there later, if you do not have to try to join the cruise at another port on down the line than 60 minutes before the departure time of registration, which means that your responsibility is to get to the ship, because he did not come back for you.

You can even leave their rooms ambulance to their loved ones, but tell them that they did not call you on board, as it costs $ 7.95 per minute, to send a ship in the middle of nowhere among the most scenic views in the world. . During the summer the Alaska absolutely breathtaking in the world there is no place like this, you will be surprised beauty.

When considering the choice of a cruise, we narrowed it down to cruising Alaska and we are glad that we did it. Big ship in the Alaskan wilderness – this is all what it is about. We are so glad that you have chosen such a wonderful cruise and you will be too. So please consider all this in 2008.