Catfish in Alaska – the perfect place to experience fishing!


You no longer ask for anything

Alaska – best fishing state in America. Regardless of whether you go fishing for salmon fishing or catfish, you'll be sure to have a good time. Alaska 3,000 rivers and 3 million lakes and coastline of 6640 miles – a big problem sports fisherman. In terms of fishing, Alaska is huge. Undoubtedly, fishing in Alaska – the perfect place to visit there at least once in life. This is the reason why many anglers specifically planning to visit Alaska.

Alaska waterways bring a lot of adventure for most fishermen. This is encouraging, the thrill and excitement for most anglers. I, at least, spectacular. We know that all that you do in Alaska, takes twice as much time than anywhere else, but it's worth it. So that it can be difficult to get to the perfect place. Pike and salmon in this region is rich and easier to catch. Thus, no wonder why Alaska holds the record king salmon fish.

In Alaska, you will find more than 600 species of fish. You will definitely need a good plan and the right strategies. Hunting for species of catfish in the region will take you much time and find them difficult. If you want to quickly get the result, fishing for catfish in Alaska is not for you. Patience really is vital. Be decisive. When fishing for one or these cats will give you an unforgettable time.

Novice or expert will have a good time

Beginners of this sport will have to learn quite a bit. But do not worry, give time, and you'll find out. Do what makes every experienced angler, practice new techniques and ideas. To protect, maintain and improve the sport fishing is sport fishing in Alaska Division. Today the division in charge of sport fishing in Alaska, as well as numerous fishing for personal use, a package worth more than $ 500 million annually. In addition, they will help you find the right location for your fishing for catfish. All residents and non-residents under the age of 16 must obtain and have a license for sport fishing. For example, a 7-day license for sport fishing will cost you 55.00 dollars. You need more salmon stamp to fish. Do you have a license from one day to the annual license. On the water, there are regular patrols who ask your permission to go fishing. It will cost you if you do not have a license.

Most of the local fishermen, who live in Alaska, knows how effective a pitcher line with catfish. However, not all the time the ditch line settled in all places. Make sure that it is legal in your area or not. Some states allow the channels, but they have limitations, while some states completely ban. Using the basics of fishing angler catfish will help you understand it. Thus, to get used to the chromosomal pitchers lines much easier. Eventually, you will want to make the extended line, such as "noodles".

Let's hope that it gives you the necessary information for catfish in Alaska.


hunting guide in Alaska


Sabac WHAT AND WHERE: Alaska – a hunter's paradise. Hunting here can provide a full range of experiences – from the Caribbean to deer and elk, and gnawed by brown bears to wolves from the sheep and mountain goats Dahl to mask, from waterfowl to the knights and several species of grouse. Diverse Alaska geographic areas offer adventure for everyone, as well as offering us different options:

Inter & # 39; er Alaska. From the mountains and hills, river valleys covered with forests to vast tracts of treeless tundra at higher altitudes and in the far north. The temperature varies greatly throughout the year, from -50 Celsius (-58 Fahrenheit) in the winter months to +30 Celsius (86 Fahrenheit) in the summer. The internal part of Alaska has few roads. Most of the area can only be reached by plane, boat or on foot. Summers are warm, but short. Climatic and landscape conditions provide variety of big game: moose and caribou, USD sheep in the mountains, wild bison mask Arctic Alaska, wolves, bears and black bears, waterfowl, grouse and gray half.

South-east (narrow and long part between the Pacific ocean and Canada). It consists of the mainland and many mountainous islands along the coast. The main hunting trophies here & # 39 are brown and black bears, moose and mountain goats, deer and wolves chornahvostyya. hunting is controlled mainly by boat, most popular hunting spots are on the islands in the central part of the district.

South and Southwest (to the south and west of the Yukon River). Mountain internal array with many rivers and lakes, ragged coastal line dotted with numerous islands. The region presents a wide variety of game: deer, Dali sheep, caribou, moose, wolves, wolverine, brown and black bear, waterfowl, grouse species.

Alaska General hunting rules:

If you hunt in a general season, which is open to an unlimited number of hunters, you will need a ticket for the harvest. Ticket for the crop is free of charge, where you can buy hunting permits. Non-residents must have a big game for the species to which they hunted. In some remote rural areas may not be available license or a seller can end the harvest. Do not forget to purchase a license, game tags, and pick up harvest tickets before you leave the house or in the population. If the population of animals is too small and / or the potential number of hunters too large to allow a general season or a registration hunt, the Department may offer solutions to. Application for a hunting permit is published every May The draw for the licensing of hunting is carried out in the early summer, and everyone who submits an application to be notified of the results by e-mail or be able to find their results on Alyaskanskim Department of Fish and Wildlife. The application contains all of the images in the number of hunting for all big game species. Most of the permits for the hunt is open to both residents and non-residents. The hunter may apply for three hunting permits image for each species. The fee is charged for each separate hunt. You can take a supplement in any office of the fish and game, online or at license vendors.

Applications and forms of hunting permits can be downloaded from the Internet and print. You can also purchase a permit for hunting, duck stamps, big game tags online, print them at home, and you can immediately go to hunt or trap. The Complete Guide to the rules of hunting in Alaska can be found here. The main non-resident hunting license costs $ 85, plus a few extra payments for major gaming labels.

NATIONAL ADVERTISING: Nonresidents may hunt moose, caribou, deer and black bear without a guide. Hunters who are not from the & # 39 are residents of Alaska must be accompanied by a registered Alaskan guide or they must hunt with close relatives of the second homeland, and they & # 39 are residents of Alaska, when hunted brown bears, Greuze, sheep or mountain goats. You can search the Internet for licensed guides of great games in your area. The best guides reach 80-100 percent for most big game species. In addition, guides are familiar with their areas and possess equipment that the average hunter can not take care of the acquisition at a time. However, the knowledge, experience and equipment management is not very expensive. Although the numbers Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from guide to guide, expect to spend $ 8,000 – $ 12,000 for hunting brown / bear gnawed, 4000 – $ 6,000 on the hunt for sheep and 1,500 – $ 3,000 on the hunt for goats. Moose and caribou often & # 39 are part of a mixed-hunting, and the prices are significantly different. The best way to find a reliable guide – it is a link.

HARAKTERYSTY letters: Many hunters choose air charter service to fly into the hunting areas to hunt these species. Air charter operator receives a license from the board for hunting hunter hunters and their prey. Hunting for landing less expensive than controlled or equipped to hunt because the air charter takes care of transportation and may suggest some tips for planning. Hunter provides all the camp gear and performs all other functions on their own. Before you sign a contract with a carrier, you must clearly understand the cost of services and know exactly what to wait for service. Prices and services vary considerably. Air carriers may pay a flat rate or per hour for flight time. Counting the cost of an hourly rate, you should consider the time of "death's head", the time a pilot spends to fly to the base after you reset, and the time spent on a flight to pick you up. Again, be sure to ask, is included in the package the meat and horn flies. Some packages also include proposals checks at least once during the hunt to bring the game or move you if you did not work. Air charter cost also depends on the size of the aircraft and the number of hunters, who share the cost. Make sure you explain the number of hunters in your group and the amount of equipment you have. You can search the Internet for licensed transporters in your area. Also check the extensive list of aircraft charters Alaska Bush pilots, air taxi.

Veta: Alyaskanskae summers are cool, the average summer temperature is 14 degrees C. (winter) and -12 degrees C (winter) -12 ° C, but in different regions of the state, it can vary significantly. Winters are cold and dark. Early spring can be cold, but often days warm to the highest freezing with a lot of sunlight. He gets the northern sunlight during the summer and goes into 24-hour darkness at the time of the winter. Summer – the wettest time of the year, the southern regions are known for their moisture. You can check the weather forecast & # 39; I Ankorizh next week here.

Do here: You can fly to Anchorage or directly at the bus stop from most major US cities. From there Alaska Aircraft Charters, Bush Pilots, Air Taxis will help you explore the greatest area of ​​America. In many small villages and towns have airports out & # 39; I and every day they are served smaller carriers.
ZHYLITS: Depending on your preference, it may be a small tent for camping or a luxurious hunting lodge with all the modern conveniences and comforts. There is also some primitive cabins for private use, which are supported by the state. They can accommodate from 4 to 8 people, prices from 20 to 50 dollars (USD) per night and must be booked in advance, usually a month. To reserve a booth, you need to contact the appropriate agency directly.

TIPS PADAROZHKI: Weather & # 39; e in the north can be unpredictable. Try to take with you and wearing multiple layers of clothes in response to a variety of temperatures and conditions out & # 39; I. Advance will get detailed maps of the area. Do not forget to pack first aid kits and survival, as well as teddy bears. Be sure to check available information, understand all the guidelines for hunting in Alaska before you leave the house.

We wish you a successful and safe trip!


Crab fishing in Alaska – Fishing on wealth


No, this is not Bill Gates. This is not the diamond merchants of South Africa or the oil barons of Saudi Arabia. The most highly paid job in the world – fishing in Alaska. In the cold waters off the coast of Alaska home real fishing goldmine and crab fishing in Alaska, aptly dubbed the last great gold tide on the ground.

Crab fishing – the most significant of Alyaskanskih Industrial Designs shellfish. У водах Аляскі, у прыватнасці ў Берынскім моры, Брыстальскім заліве, Галандскай гавані, а таксама на Кадыак і Алеўцкім астравах, жывуць багатыя багацці крабаў: гарбар, Dungeness і славуты краб Аляскінскага караля.

Different varieties of Alaskan crabs are of great commercial value and the Alaskan King crab in particular, with the & # 39 is a valuable dish in the culinary world, highly prized as caviar or vintage French wine. US and Japanese restaurants with a & # 39 are the main importers of Alaskan King crab in the world.

The idea of ​​fishing in Alaska crab assessment can be obtained from the fact that a seasoned fisherman can hope to rope in US $ 50000 on the catch for eight weeks.

Industrial fishing crab in Alaska began its beginning in 1950. Return promised from the start and the region quickly attracted hundreds of US fishing boats. 1980s were the heyday crab fishing in Alaska. During this period of king crab, seasonal fishing boat captains earned 150,000 US dollars, and the crab fishing boats boasted with saunas, music systems and microwave ovens.

But until 1983 Alaskan crab crab crashed for no apparent reason. The worst slump in fishing history, it forced fishermen to look into alternative sources of fishing. Thus, the Alaskan commercial fishing razgalinavavsya either salmon and halibut, or Baird and apilio on two types of leather crabs.

Since then, trade in fishing with crabs alyaskanskim increased slightly since 2001, bringing 23.2 million pounds of fishing in the amount of $ 36 million. But crab fishing in Alaska still continues to command the highest pay packet in the world.

But this is only a pink edge work. Crab Fishing in Alaska – one of the most dangerous of all jobs in the world. To catch crabs in the glacial waters of the Arctic Ocean in sub-zero temperatures, when the chattering waves that pounded the deck and threw the fishing boat treacherously and icy winds relentlessly zavitrali need a strong heart and able body. In addition, your work will involve negotiating the enormous crab pots and coils of line along the slippery deck.

Every muscle in his groin and body are stretched to the rear edge, and exhaustion to the point of failure of the & # 39 is common. Mutilated limbs, crushed fingers and ribs, broken legs – the main product in the grueling daily schedule of 20-21 hours, while men who upset the board, also not uncommon. In fact, every year in these fishings are some sacrifices.

However, despite all the difficulties, men seeking employment in this fishing trade, there is no shortage. Crab fishing in Alaska remains a major challenge for landing.


The best fishing charters in Alaska – Kenai Peninsula


Himself working in the tourism industry, I have found that the majority of tourists plan their vacations in Alaska, may overflow with thousands of options that offer Alaska – especially when it comes to fishing the world! So I put together some simple tools to help the process move forward.

Finding the best Charterskih Fishing trips in Alaska requires time, effort and, most importantly, thorough research! On the Kenai Peninsula – this is the most common place for exciting fishing adventures, there are several places, such as Seward, Ninilchyk, Ken river, Kasilof River and Homer! In these places you re looking for more than 100 charter companies to prakapatstsa and filter out the best of the worst. How can we speed it up? As simple as it sounds – reviews!

Reviews such as TripAdvisor and the Google, can make or break the company in several ways. Although you can not have a good and bad thing that one needs to see how many bad reviews there as compared to the excellent and what they are saying? Guests are served in their present complaints? Or found a company time to respond? It is vital to adfiltravannya some nonsense (excuse for a frank word) on legal issues.

Once you come about three to five companies of interest, after seeing the reviews you want to go to find out who is the best for what you're looking for! Are you looking for a specific location, the size of the boat, trip length, exclusive fishing or fishing, or a particular kind? While most of the fishing charters in Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula, offering practically the same kinds of trips, the job of these issues among your traveling companions will help you narrow down the questions that are given to you when the time comes to make calls!

That will lead us to the next step – call! Most companies offer a book on the Internet, but if you are new to fishing in Alaska, I recommend first call to narrow down some of the details. You want to ask important questions, such as what places do you suggest? Your trip full days or half days? At what time your trips are offered? What do I need to buy and what is included? Such questions are crucial to ensure that you have made a booking because of the fact that looking for!

After they answer, you can decide! Go ahead and continue the charter booking process of your choice and get ready for the beginning of preparation for fishing in Alaska!

Preparation fishing in Alaska 101:

– Dress in layers
– Bring rain
– To treat motion sickness medications PRIOR to the trip
– Bring on the breakfast, lunch and beverages
– Purchase a license for fishing in Alaska in advance
– Plan how you want to return the fish home – with you on an airplane or delivery
– Take your camera with you

And most importantly, well-prepared for the journey through life!


Manual Cruise Alaska: What are the most important factors to consider when searching for a cruise?


Never a bad cruise to Alaska. Leading cruise lines offer cruises throughout the year. cruise season generally runs from April to September – particularly in the summer months. However, the "best" time to go really sub & # 39 objective.

Many people prefer to go in the summer months due to the warm temperatures. Cruisers on a budget or prefer to wait for washing, or September, when the rates are cheaper and less crowd. Minus output in the offseason with the & # 39 is that the weather & # 39; e more unpredictable and excursions are more likely to be canceled. If you want to check out the Northern Lights, the opportunity to see them in September. Once again, there is a lack of travel at this time because of the comfort the Gulf of Alaska, which is not good for travelers who want to get motion sickness.

If you plan to cruise Alaska, you will find that there are three main routes, which adheres to most of the major cruise lines: to get from Vancouver to Seattle and unilateral Vancouver to Alaska. You can also think of a cruise tour, which on & # 39; combines a cruise around Alaska with land tour before or after the actual cruise. These types of tour packages may be any, from 3 – 5 night travel Anchorage / Fairbanks / Drenali to 5 – 7 round Canadian Rocky rocks.

If your time is limited and you do not get a chance to take a tour before or after the cruise, choose a route that includes a shore excursion, or you can make a mini-tour or just enjoy a day in the port city of Alaska.

Where to visit your cruise Alaska

You will also want to take a route that will allow you to get as close to some glaciers. The most beautiful glaciers in the world can only be seen near Alaska on the ship. If you prychalitsesya in Juneau at any time during the trip, think about visiting the fjord, Tracy Arm using the float. It is a spectacle that you will not want to miss. Many travelers prefer to plan and book their own trips as those offered in the package on the cruise line, as a rule, significantly increase the cost.

Going on a cruise Alaska, it takes more than just book the cheapest package that you will encounter. You must consider the city (Seattle or Vancouver), time of year and the outside conditions & # 39; I path and call ports. Cruise Alaska can last from 5 to 21 days in both the reverse path and in the same direction. While unilateral cruise looks nice, you can pay a ticket to Seattle or Vancouver before returning home to his own city!

Get exclusive discounts on selected cruises when making purchases on the Internet. You will be given all the necessary tools to get great deals on cruises, flights, hotels and much more. Compare all the routes and prices to help you find the perfect cruise for Alaska.


Cruise from Seattle to Alaska – to find out the different options and what you can try


If you want to experience a cruise that includes some of the most beautiful deserts in the world, go to the side of Alaska. Spend 7 days or more, taking either internal or external passageway, both of which can offer a lot of beautiful sights. The easiest and most affordable way to go on this trip – book a cruise from Seattle to Alaska.

There are two cruise terminals in the city center, which make Seattle a better choice for any cruise in Alaska or the Pacific Ocean. You can find packages from all the major cruise lines, including Norwegian, Carnival, Holland America, Celebrity, Oceania and Princess. In addition to Juneau, Anchorage, Skagway Ketchykan and some other cities and places that you can experience include Victoria and Glacier Bay area.

What all is included in the cruise of Alaska? Standard fare usually includes tryrazovae meals, room service, the usual drinks (tea, coffee, juice, lemonade and water), entertainment and accommodation. There are luxury packages that include much more, such as shore excursions and grata. What exactly is in you cruise from Seattle to Alaska, could also pitch & # 39; iravatstsa from one ship to another line.

The best time to travel – it is May, June and September. In these months, passengers often overlook the whales directly from the ship. Keep in mind that all the same there is no guarantee that you will. If you really want to look at the sea life, think to sign up for a tour of the whales, which are usually available around Juneau. During the cruise on the glacier areas, you can view other wild nature, such as birds and seals.

Other activities on a combination of a cruise from Seattle to Alaska

If there is a day or two in Seattle, to borrow before you board the ship, by the harbor, you can spend a lot of activities and shopping. Many popular attractions such as the Space Needle and the aquarium are within blocks of the waterfront.

You want your cruise Alaska was one-way trip or round trip? Some routes will take you to Seattle. Look at the flight options, to decide whether it is in the interest of you to complete the trip to Juneau and back.

Another thing that is worth a look on a cruise from Seattle to Alaska – a shore excursions, which can be obtained in each port of call. You can go scuba diving in Ketchykane, dog sleigh in Juneau, rafting on white water, trekking on a glacier, and so on. However, most often cheaper to organize trips, and not at the same time that offers a cruise.

Get a discount on a cruise from Seattle to Alaska online. There are many routes and packages to choose from. You can also compare prices for airline tickets to Seattle. Always check whether there are online promo codes that will be useful to you before booking a trip.


Rest in Alaska


Camping is always a good way to see the beautiful outdoors and enjoy the wildlife. Chugach State Park – the first park, which I have read, it is located in south-central Alaska, and is about half a million hectares. Southcentral Alaska contains extensive ocean coastline, rich in lakes, massive glaciers and ice fields. The Park is located 7 miles east of the city center of Anchorage, and its western border lies in the western peradgor & # 39; s Chugach mountain range. Chugach – is the name of the indigenous people who formerly inhabited the upper part of Cook.

Now inter & # 39; EASURES Alaska has many parks. Several of them rushed into my eyes when I read about them. Tok Alaska looks beautiful; it is located close to the upper valley of the Tanana River, near the foot of the end pagor & # 39; I'm in Alaska. Current is near the historic gold mine, wildlife, forests and wide rivers netramnymi Alaska. Current area allows visitors entering the Alaska Highway on Alyaskanskay, the first opportunity to explore the Alaskan array. The Current There are three recreation areas, which will allow visitors to explore the area and enjoy the wildlife of Alaska.

State recreation Eagle Trail is located 16 miles south of the current and it is visited by holidaymakers who travel between the current and Glenanallen. The Eagle trail has several historic sites that you should check out. Valdez Trail, Eagles, Elephants Highway Old Alaska and Washington military cable and telephone system (WAMCATS) – historical sites. Recreation area Moon Lake, located 15 miles north-west of the current and a & # 39 is a popular place for locals. Moon Lake has a number of campsites to enjoy the lake and all it has to offer. You may even be lucky to see on the lake a few pilots bushes. State recreation in the river current is very popular amongst travelers and located 4.5 miles east of the current. Within the sandy beach of the river current provides 43 campsites, and a group of group of fires. This park is located on the east bank of the river current and allows watching and boating and swimming on the river.

Upper State recreation Chatanika – 73-acre park, located in the mile 39 on the highway Strez. This recreation area is popular with hikers and vacationers from Fairbanks. Then there is the state recreation area "Lower Chatanika", approximately 400 hectares and is located approximately 10 km to the Elliott Highway. It is also a trip on a kayak 10 miles from Upper Chataniki. Lower Chatanika offers a variety of things that can be done all year round. Such as options, including: Camping, fishing, picnic, hiking, berry picking, boating / swimming, quad and snow machining, ice fishing, sleigh, watching the night sky and cross-country skiing.

Now, I was only a few places to camp. I will continue to scan Alaska and write about a few places. Those few that I have already mentioned, will be the first one I check to see when you get to Alaska.